Traffic Accident Victim Found a Great Compensation in UAE

16 Jan 2019

Traffic accident victim suffers

In UAE an Indian man suffered from a permanent disability because of the traffic accident that he had. He has now been presented with the compensation by a Dubai court. The compensation is of more than Dh500,000. The man is named Harchand Singh and is of 59 years in age. He is from India, Punjab. On the 21st of March back in the year 2017, he was run over on the Abu Dhabi road. After the accident, he was instantly taken to the hospital, the Al Rahba Hospital.

After the investigation, the court found out that there was a Pakistani driver that was found guilty of the situation. Because of his reckless driving, Harchand Singh was critically injured and he might be crippled for life. Relatives of the victim, Harchand Singh, decided to go for the legal representative, the man they chose for this purpose was named Salam Pappinisheri of Ali Ibrahim advocates and legal consultants in Sharjah. He represented them in the civil lawsuit and for his compensation claim. Thankfully he had insurance and thus filed a compensation claim against the insurance company.


Victim's relatives filed the case

The legal team had filed the claim before the Dubai civil court. This claim was because they were seeking compensation for medical expenses, physical damage and insurance also included mental health damage compensation. The lawyer that was representing them argued at the court that victim, Harchand Singh, had severe injuries and in the right pelvic joint, foot, leg, right knee, along with all this there was a fractured in the right edge of pelvis too. These injuries caused him permanently disabled. This is not the first time any man has been injured in a road accident and the insurance company had to pay a handsome amount in return as insurance. There are many other cases in the UAE recently.

However, the agent or the insurance company was not convinced by the claiming party. They said that the victim did not face any such injuries that they are claiming. And thus the insurance company denied any compensation and liability. They also asked the Dubai court to dismiss the lawsuit and claim. The court was kind enough and herd both sides of the story and gave the victim’s party a complete chance to present their narrative of the incident and what happened with Harchand Singh.


The victim received Dh550,000 as compensation

After both, the sides were presented the court looked into the matter and examined the medical report. Afterward, the court ordered the insurance company to give the victim what they were claiming. The company was ordered to pay Dh400,000 to Harchand Singh as the victim of motor vehicle accident compensation. However, the legal team thought and decided that this was not enough so they again appealed the initial decision. The request to appellate court was to increase the amount as the compensation. Again the court herds both sides and decided to raise the award to be Dh549,880 for the victim. Do check out our home appliances collection at the end.