Are Driver-Less or Autonomous Really Risky?

20 Feb 2019

UAE is ready for this technology

For the lack of better term, UAE has been flexing in the face of the rest of the world for a long time. They have been ahead of most of us in terms of technology and are number one in regulating innovation. This year, 2019, UAE is still leading the world. UAE is ready for driverless cars thanks to its road infrastructure that is outstanding. The technology infrastructure is always ready for change and the eagerness of government for a change in addition to consumer and public acceptance is just outstanding. All these factors make the country far ahead of others.

Since last year UAE came one place down in the list of countries that are ready for these self-driving cars. It came down to number 9 but still in the future compared too many countries. The list comprises of New Zealand, China, Japan, France, South Korea, Canada, Australia, and Spain, the following countries the Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland, Israel, and Norway were added to the index this year i.e. 2019. The order of countries or ranking is not according to these mentioned here and there are other countries too. This makes a total of 25 courtiers. KPMG's 2019 Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index is the source of this list. Among these countries, the Netherlands is at first and Singapore is at second maintaining their positions.

The KPMG study rates UAE at 5th, 7th, 11th, the 14th position for infrastructure, consumer acceptance policy, legislation readiness, and technology and innovation respectively. It is these stats that tell UAE is Eveready. UAE had been one of the first ones to adapt AI, so this means that they have always been ready. If you want to know more about that readout blog by following the link.


Why is the rush towards self-driving cars:

The reason behind UAE’s pushing it hard and urge of autonomous vehicles to be here is the government of Dubai. They plan on making 25 percent of the entire transportation system to be driver-less or autonomous within the next 10 years or so. The Dubai Autonomous Transportation Strategy was formed in 2016. The sole purpose of this organization was to focus on improvements that would give off Dh22 billion every year. So you could say that the urge for autonomous vehicles for UAE is driven by Dubai to make 25 percent of transportation driverless.

The autonomous transportation will reduce transportation expense by 44 percent. In result of this reduction, UAE could save up to Dh900 million in a year. Not only you could save annually but there will be 12 percent less environmental pollution. Because of this reduction in environmental pollution, they could save Dh1.5 billion yearly. Later by the year 2030 and with more efficiency in public transportation the annual return could increase to Dh18 billion.

Earlier this year the Roads and Transport Authority started to have trials of driverless cabs in Dubai so Dubai Silicon Oasis also did some efforts and played their part in introducing AVs.


Driverless pods ar already in action here:

Before all this and proper legalization of self-driving cars in UAE the Personal Rapid Transit driverless pods have been working in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi. These pods have been working there since 2010 and have successfully transported more than two million people. These pods have guideways that are especially for them. Back in the year 2018, the Masdar city also launched a regular AV minibus service and they are planning to launch more services like these in this year. Application of artificial intelligence in our daily life is changing the digital world’s shape and altering how things work.


What and how this would be done:

The giants are already investing in artificial intelligence. This driverless car is also a part of artificial intelligence and Block-Chain technology. In UAE there is already huge investments in AV technology and policy approval by the government to boost AVs. There are enough resources and capital that Uthe AE can do even better now and in the future too. These self-driving automobiles offer us great ecological advantages. The UAE is well-positioned to do even better in the future. Said Ravi Suri who is the partner and global head of Infrastructure Finance for KPMG Lower Gulf.

He also gave his opinion on how this could be made better. Acceding to him, at the initial phase the government could teach the people. This will prove and encourage them about driverless vehicles and let them know that these are a safer mode of transportation.  What you could do here is introduce some autonomous vehicles like cabs or buses into public transport throughout the country.


Future of driverless cars in the UAE:

The initiatives that the government of UAE took in order to convert the self-driving cars into reality strengthens the probability of a time when there would be autonomous cars, safer lives and things would be well-organized. UAE is a world tourist destination and these investments and enhancement in technology here will, even more, beautify its image. Then it would be even more wanted destination for various things like pleasure, businesses, and leisure. UAE would be known as a leader in the adoption of smart technology.

The world famous automobile company, W Motors is based in UAE. We all know Lykan hyper-sport, the car that appeared in the last Fast and Furious movie. That company has declared their first full electric and an autonomous (driverless) vehicle that is named Muse would be unveiled in UAE on April 16 at the Auto Shanghai.

Self-driving vehicles would change the travel experience and traffic. The way people connect to each other will be changed. Founder and CEO of W Motors Ralph Debbas, added, it is the thrilling accomplishment for us that we are leading the way, specifically talking about autonomous cars. Many cars in the market these days can drive themselves. Most of these cars include electric ones. But before we legalize them and they are on roads there are still some barriers that we have to overcome. Said the general manager of YallaMotor Jorge Bialade. Further, he added, the first thing that comes to mind is vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Other than these things these self-driving cars are sure exciting to travel in and as soon as they hit the road they will be in demand. Those who spend hours in traffic these cars will be best for them.

The future of driverless cars in UAE is secure as many automobile giants like Ford, Honda, Tesla, BMW, Nissan, GM and Toyota and other big companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung are spending on research so that they could take lead in this field. Millions of dollars are being spent into the development of these vehicles too. You can buy anything you want from plug n point at cheap prices and low rates.