Three Key Pillars of UAE’s Brand Value 2019

10 Oct 2018

The nation brand value is rising up in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the country has seen a significant enhancement. One of the main and major reasons is the international Expo of 2020 which was held in Dubai. Because of the expo the country has attained tourist’s attention for its beauty and culture. The attraction points and landmarks like LEGOLAND of Dubai, the world famous Burj al Khalifa. The other thing that has played an important role is the stronghold of judicial systems, reliable and well-trained police services and the intelligence agencies. The UAE’s brand value is based on three key pillars or three main key points these points are: society, goods and services, and investments. UAE has been investing in ADNOC, it is National Oil Company too. The reason is to make it big enough that it can support UAE’s oil needs. The three pillars are also known as Brand Finance of UAE. Talking about investments, the revenue and investment in the country grew as compared to last year and it has become $707 billion which were $594 billion previous years.


Rising brand value of UAE

UAE jumped its rank and is now counted as one of the countries to be in the top 20 lists of most valuable countries. UAE is on the 20th number in the list. Only to be in the list is an achievement on its own for UAE. UAE’s brand value, being the 20th now, is beating countries like China, Australia, Denmark, and many more like these. If this was not just enough there is another good news. You can make an estimate of the situation as the Economic value of UAE is rising. The country has pronounced as the world’s third strongest brand in the entire realm. There are scores to rank the country’s brand value. So UAE got 88.5 and it is right behind the countries like Singapore and Switzerland with scores of 92.4 and 90.1, respectively. Now some surveys reveal that Dubai is now the flagship brand of the UAE and the strong competition between other cities. Abu Dhabi complements for the position and to bring UAE to the position it is in now i.e. the most valuable brand in the Emirates.


Factors that help UAE rise up

UAE’s brand value is also increased because of one more factor that is its performance in the sectors of the UAE economy, security, efficiency, judicial system and many others like these above. Said the CEO of UAE brand value finance, UAE is the most valuable in the complete Middle East and will continue to remain so. Not only is this but the future plan to improve. Because there is always room of improvement and thus that is the goal. The Expo 2020 has helped a lot of Dubai and especially the UAE in achieving what it is now. All across the country projects like state of the art theme parks, and others are speeding up and the standards are being raised. If you have not visited LEGOLAND, warner bros world, and future museum than you are missing on things. For a long time now UAE has remained a major tourist attraction point and they are planning to do it more.

Recently a big business has expanded in the UAE and is now converting huge market. If the tourists and business persons keep on finding UAE a good place to come and invest than UAE’s brand value will rise, and on the worst part it will remain its position. Along with steady hotel occupancy rates the country also get benefit and profit from the games that are held there, like Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby and Abu Dhabi Mubadala World Tennis Championships.


Improvements and more attractions to visit in the UAE

Over the course of some recent years, the UAE is offering lots of things, the board offering of UAE attracted visitors and tourists from all around the globe to come and see those offering themselves, said the research manager of Knight Frank, Taimur Khan. UAE is on top of the list of countries that offers lots of tourist’s attractions and is best known for its high-quality offering. Now they are offering almost everyone to come and visit in order to increase the nation brand value. Countries like China, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and close ones play an important role in it. The real estate has played a major role in the uprising of UAE’s brand value.

Not just that some people just visit UAE to see the iconic infrastructure like Burj Al Khalifa, creek harbor and more. It is expected that UAE’s value will increase more than what it is now and this is all because of the long term investments of the government.  Now they are also focusing on the virtual world and the world of internet, to automate everything, online shopping is one of the examples. If all this goes successfully, Dubai will become the smallest city to take most of its systems online and automate things. Just like other, home appliance has become smart home appliances and they are upgraded too. As a nation of UAE, we believe in continuous growth. The clean and current example is that in such a short time we have become the top city to live in and tourists attractions, said the CEO Pankaj Gupta. The government should add and give more opportunities to motivate professionals and visitors to stay here for longer in order to make the economy strong, added Pankaj.