The UAE’s National space program 2030 approved by the UAE cabinet.

03 May 2019

In the cabinet meeting held last week National space program, 2030 was one of the projects that were approved by the cabinet. Other projects were from the fields of space, research, science, manufacturing, and some more. It was called the National Space Strategy 2030. The world is moving at a very fast pace so UAE knows that they also have caught one, space science and this national space program is just a step in the game. Following is a list of the major elements of this space program.

  • National Space Policy
  • National Space Strategy
  • Space Regulations
  • Space Sector Law


The cabinet meeting

The cabinet meeting of UAE was chaired by Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister, Ruler of Dubai, and Vice President. During this cabinet meeting, the National Space Strategy 2030 was adopted at Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi. The meeting was attended by Minister of Presidential Affairs and the Deputy Prime Minister, Shaikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

In the cabinet meeting, they agreed upon the raising awareness. The awareness for the significance of the space sector among young talent of Emirates. This would enhance the role of our research centers and development centers. As of this date, there are four specialized centers for space research and development in the UAE. These centers are equipped and are capable of manufacturing, plus among the total workforce half of them are young talent and half of them are women. Oh, you should check out our home appliances collection.


Tweets about the program

HH sheik Mohammad also tweeted a picture and in the caption to that, he said that he chaired the cabinet meeting that was held at the Presidential Palace. In this meeting, the National Space Strategy 2030 was approved. This program consists of 79 projects including some in space science and research, in-space manufacturing and testing, and some are in the commercial space sector.

Dubai media office also tweeted a tweet in which they told us about the National space strategy and National space program 2030. The tweet also included some details that were also in Sheikh Mohammad’s tweet.



The achievements

The UAE has achieved lots of things because of young Emirati talent. All this talent and determination enabled them to as one of the first ones to have space exploration industry. It was about last year when they were celebrating their launch of the space satellite that was completely built by the young Emirati engineers. UAE is investing in space technology and industry. They have many projects and initiatives that will, in the long term, benefit the country and its inhabitants. These projects are also a way of contributing to the national economy.

The reason for this space program 2030 is to let UAE achieve its vision and heist of space exploration among other things. UAE is aiming to be the hub, globally for things like space sciences, space technology, and applications. Their target is to be the inspiration for other countries to invest and come towards space technology and exploration. All this is a part of this program and they are going to make their dream a reality through the investment they have done in sectors such as creating the suitable environment, different space projects, and capabilities.


National space strategy

This national space strategy will set the general outline for the space industry of the UAE and how and what they are going to do for 2030. This outline will also provide the sketch for things like government activities related to space, what activities are to be carried by public and private sector, and as well as R&D centers. There are 6 objectives, 21 programs and 79 initiatives of this national space program 2030. This program will benefit more than 85 entities of UAE. UAE also has the cooperation of more than 20 agencies and space centers, they also have assistance from some strategic partners.

On another occasion the cabinet made some decisions, the end result of which they plan is to make UAE a place with such an environment that is suitable and better among all to invest in. this will attract the investments, investors, and then it would be a top destination place so the visitors will also be attracted. So alongside making UAE stand tall among the countries with space programs they are also keeping a keen eye towards not letting UAE lose its charm for being a top country for investment and tourism.

For this national space program, the cabinet has also formed a committee. Actually, they approved the formation for Financial Activities Committee. What this committee will do is to consider the cases that require financial activities and are related to it, which will be referred to it by authorities. Plus the committee is also designated to assess any offers and suggestions for the financial activity that are not mentioned in the law. If you are in UAE and you want to do some home shopping, then visit plug n point where we have the best appliances and products.