Glimpse of the UAE being the Leader of Soft Power

28 Dec 2018

The UAE’s main goal, regarding becoming the soft superpower and regional capital for ideas, culture, art, and tourism involves the prominent events that are upcoming and some of these include the Dubai 2020 Expo, Louvre Abu Dhabi museum and gallery, and the most important the humanitarian aid which they have spent billions on.

There was launched a council for soft power named “UAE Soft Power Council” by Ruler and the Vice President of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid in April of 2017. The association formed has the following objectives to cover.

  • Form a direction for the divisions of humanities, tourism, economic, media, and science.
  • The position of the UAE can be known as the gateway to this region.
  • Make sure that people everywhere see Emirates as the country that is an easy going country that is modern too and is welcoming to people from around the globe.
  • Establish the UAE as a regional capital for art, culture, and tourism.

This soft power operation is like an opening of opportunities for the representatives and diplomats of UAE, said the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Anwar Gargash. Further on he added that the work this council will be doing in the decisions of art and culture could be a source of spreading our work and culture to the world and will be beneficial in telling than the isolations of our issues like extremism, radicalization, etc.

Adding further on, the important thing in all this is the importance of our cultural and public diplomacy. It includes all the people living in UAE, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation, the citizens, Institutions, and Bodies for spreading our message. This year UAE has assured the amount of $50.4 million that makes about 185 DH, this is sort of a donation for the reconstruction of the Mosul’s Grand Al Nuri Mosque

The great Mosque of Al Nuri is located in the Mosul, Iraq. The Mosque was famous for its leaning minerat. Because of this, it was also given the name of “the hunchback”. This mosque was where Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi the leader of ISIS, proclaimed his “caliphate in 2014. It was later blown by the worshipers there, in 2017. This was shortly after they were expelled from the city. On this incident and UAE giving the budget for its development, the Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development named Noura Al Kaabi, stated that this effort is to try to undo the damage done to the place, people and Islam by the ISIS. UAE is doing this renewal in collaboration with UNESCO.

The project is expected to take the time of five years. The purpose and reason behind it all are not merely to reconstruct the mosque which was destroyed and make it the mosque of leaning minaret again. The reason is to give people and Iraqis a purpose and reason for hope. This was the statement given by the better half of Mr. Al Kaabi, at Baghdad’s National Museum in a ceremony.


2020 Dubai Expo

The 2020 expo of Dubai is expected to be a strengthening force for UAE that will be enhancing its economic and political values along with the UAE’s vision of leadership. This expedition will be an example or a simple glimpse of the UAE being the leader of soft power. It is going to be the largest promotional that will be even out of the boundaries of UAE. Dr. Gargash added that this 2020 expo is a platform for UAE through which they will be able to reach out to the international public.

It is expected, seeing the preparations and promotions that this event will bring in more than 20 million people to Dubai. There they will be sharing their ideas, collaborations will be encouraging, and the display of innovation will be the core parts of the event.

According to the organizers of the event, even after the expo will be over Dubai will still be looked up to like a place that will be attracting visitors, international companies, and students. It will be a home for many strategic companies, technology industry, social workers and entities, and last but not the least education facilities.


The Emirati passport

The Emirati passport is now ranked among the world’s most powerful passports. This report is according the Arton Capital’s Passport Index, the updated one. This is you can see, yet another conviction of UAE becoming the world’s soft power leader.

The ranking of passports is done by the Financial Advisory Firm. They specialize in assisting people that are looking for second residencies. They rank the passport by the level of easiness with which a passport holder can cross the border or the access they have over the other side. According to the firm and the way they rank passports, the Emirati passport rose from fourth place a year earlier. This was when UAE citizens gained visa-free access to several more countries including Ireland, Canada, and China.


Art and much more to see

At the end of 2017, the UAE was also successful in making its position strong as a cultural tourism destination. The position was strengthened because of the opening of Louvre Abu Dhabi this was the result of a collaboration with France that lasted up to 10-year. Louvre Abu Dhabi museum is displaying more than 600 artworks that are from all around the world.

World-renowned artists like Pablo Picasso, Paul Gauguin, Cy Twombly, Vincent van Gogh, and many other are displayed there with more than 300 works on loan from 13 different French leading organizations in the 23 of its permanent galleries.

These emphasize and depict the cultures and civilizations and the development of humans in their different stages.

A report regarding this is also published by the Nation as they are examining the UAE’s growing influence and effort in becoming the soft power.