Scope of Investment Towards Network Data in UAE

19 Sep 2018

Telecom operators in UAE Du and Etisalat, the service providers will run out of the businesses soon enough if they keep on depending on the revenue that they generate from the phone calls. So they have to switch towards the data, mobile data or network data. These times call for investment towards network data. Al-Mulla the chairman of Baker McKenzie a law firm warned these network providers that they have to go towards data or they will soon lose their worth. According to the chairman Doctor, Al-Mulla phone calls will soon be the thing of the past. However, you need an appliance to use social media apps and messaging. So check out these tablets that are available at plug n point.

With the passage of time, we are now experiencing applications which offer us free text messages and calls all over the world and all you have to pay for and require just an internet connection. Also because of the technological development and advancements like voice over internet series and availability of internet services on hand, you can now connect to the World Wide Web anywhere anytime on any device, that gives you the option. These companies: Du and Etisalat are not currently making any investments in this field, the field of data. So this is where they need to focus their asset on, suggests Al-Mulla the chairman of Baker McKenzie.

There is not much time when calls will be an obsolete thing, according to Dr. Al-Mulla. If the service providers, specifically in UAE and especially these two companies mentioned above continue to invest and focus their mainstream the source of revenue from phone calls then soon they will run out of business and have to change their business models. So it is better to change and go according to the flow instead of learning from a big shock.

 Mainstream business:

The main and only mistake many companies make is not molding themselves according to the trend. The same one that Nokia made many years ago. To remain in the mainstream business you have to get to know what people want and where they are going. These days phone call definitely worth something meanwhile is the time to shift, and if you are not okay with this shift then at least take a backup and start investing towards data. Ask yourself this, you have a smartphone, 2.5 billion people already do and this number is increasing, skyrocketing like nothing else. There is a facility provided to you with which you can make an international and local call without any charges except the data and/or internet charges! Then why would you make a fool out of yourself and make a phone call, and pay the charges? The internet or data charges not cost you extra, you already and most probably paying for that internet and mobile data.

 New tech in UAE :

This is the age of tech and developments so the development tech is making will definitely surpass the telecommunication companies. The new tech that is becoming more and more popular is the smart TV. These are TVs which allow you to access the internet and lots of stuff. Buy these Smart TVs from plug n point and explore your world. These days it almost costs around 2AED for a single message. Have you noticed that there has been a downfall in a number of messages you send and receive? With Whats-App and Skype available on all the times on our phone and other devices people send messages on these applications. With the passage of time, no one will use text message but all of us would shift toward social apps. And it should not shock you if we tell you that same thing will happen with voice calls, and it only a matter of time. Al-Mulla of Baker McKenzie is urging Etisalat and Du to change their tactic and focus to data.

Additionally, he mentioned; these companies need to change their way. These tactics and methods won’t work in the 21st century and your business models will fail. People will find a way, it does not matter how many things they block. Even now if people use applications like Whats-App and Skype they are consuming more data. Mulla said, “I fail to see what they do not get it!” Obviously who does not love to do what they want and it cost them nothing? No one, to be honest! Providing an internet connection and mobile data won’t do. Your internet speed has to be better too. The mobile operators and service providers should focus on high-speed internet. Talking about the internet and internet speed how can you not talk about online shopping? Plug n point is the best place to shop online and get the top quality products at the best rates. Investing in these kinds of things will prove to be your future revenue.

social media app usage in Dubai:

The general public, business consumer or anyone you are, either you are watching Netflix, using Skype or any other social media app. Either your boss needs some files or it is a business conference your data is being used. Usage of data is how you are doing things. So it won’t be wrong to say that Data is the future. Better internet speed better revenue this is how you make your revenue. This month was the first step towards revolution, Al-Mulla advised all the mobile carriers to put an end to the ban on Whats-App and Skype calls. This ban is the main reason and huge source of contribution as of why the country is lagging behind as compared to the rest of the world, in terms of technology and communication, said Khalaf Al Habtoor.

UAE is said one of the pioneers in what they aim, so in a country like this social communication should not be banned, and here we are talking about Skype and Whats-App calls. While it is available all over the world but not in the UAE. #WhatsAppCall, no BAN, he insisted on lifting the ban and tweeted this on his twitter account. In the near future, the inter charges will cost less. These days we are paying per Gigabyte as compared to two years ago. Obviously, things cannot happen overnight.