Visiting UAE? 10 Advantages of Shopping from Dubai.

18 Mar 2019

Dubai has become the biggest shopping palaces in the world with lots of shopping malls, local markets, souks, and many more places to go for shopping. In addition to all that you still have Dubai duty free and online shopping places too. Here are some of the advantages that you can have if you are planning to do shopping form Dubai.


The Dubai shopping festival

The festival is also known as DSS. It is one of the biggest shopping festivals all year in Dubai. There you get to have crazy discounts, huge sale offers, deals, and much more. We are talking here crazy shopping and if you wind a there is even a prize. You what is the prize? A freaking Porsche, yes you read it right.


If this does not get you excited to shop in Dubai then what else will. Oh no, do not go there is a lot more than you would not want to miss.


Summer shopping festival

The summer surprise shopping festival that takes all of us by the breath is a family-oriented shopping festival. You can come here to shop with your family and enjoy not just shopping but the environment. Kids always love stunts or juggling or magic tricks. Yes, you can expect these things here and have fun with children. Do not forget to be prepared for the heat. All of your favorite brands and manufacturers are here at plug n point. Discover and select your favorite and start shopping.


Shopping malls

Yes, there are shopping malls in your country too. But the shopping malls in your country are nowhere near Dubai shopping malls. Shopping malls are the place where you can go anytime to chill out, eat, shopping, entertain yourself, enjoy with family, and many more things. It is much more than just shopping. So plan your next shopping trip in Dubai and have a look at these gigantic shopping malls.

See the beautiful art galleries, cinema, real-life adventure parks, the virtual zoo is waiting for you. Come and discover more place. If you would like to know more about the shopping places in Dubai and UAE you can read our blog about the top shopping place in UAE.


The souks of Dubai

Dubai souk is the place that you should not forget to visit. These old market places might be like the market that you have in your country. But we assure that you will find it much more interesting and worthy. There are different souks for a different purpose. But the good news for you is that all these souks are near each other. These might not be an attractive place but the things three are totally worth spending your time there.

Where there is good news there is bad news, it is that you can’t cover all of these souks in one day. Yes, an entire day is not enough! Another thing to keep in mind. DO NOT BRING YOU CAR! You will spend too much time finding parking. You will find everything you like there.


Bargaining, do you like it?

If you like bargaining then Dubai might be a paradise for you. You might not get a discount or bargain on the big brands but the souks are placed where your bargain skills would come in handy. Sharpen your skills there and get the items you like and want at your price. Be aware, this is not always fun and you should not do it for fun. Do not waste your and other’s time. It is nothing to be scared of but just to let you know!

These are some golden rules of bargaining. Do not let them know that you are interested in a specific thing. Any price they tell, offer half of that. Do not ask about the price in beginning. See, try and make your mind about what and how much you want to buy. Do not let it go if you really like the item.



Dubai buy best

In the Middle East buy best is related to the carpet, textile, rugs, spices, gold, and many other shopping perks. You would get the best deals and items there. There you will have frankincense. It is a golden sticky rock of resin in a big sack. Find the best outfits, costumes, and even props there for your event or function. They have the best souvenirs and art to take home with you. From personal care to all home décor what is not that you can buy there.

A souk is also renovated recently and it is like the old city of Dubai. You can admire the nostalgia there while you go shopping. Check the best home appliance from plug n point.


Regional fashion

If you are a lover or admirer of the local fashion of Dubai then what is a better place to get the other than Dubai itself. The local fashion really stands out and it is a thing that we all should try when shopping in Dubai. The local Dubai dress for men is really in fashion all over the globe. You can also have a look at the work of local designers and support their work if you like.


Discounted shopping

Three are many local places and shopping places that offer you discounted shopping. If not discount then the prices are already too low that everyone can afford it. Most of these place are offering things like toys, accessories, school supplies, even clothes and belts and much more. They are like an all in one place store. We have the best home and kitchen appliance at discounted prices and cheap rates.


The gift village

Want to buy a gift for someone the best place to go is a gift village. It is a place that has souvenirs, local treats, chocolates, and much more. Do men and women wear clothes for teenagers? You can even get daily use items, supplies, home and kitchen appliances here. If you buy in bulk there might be a discount, just maybe.

Buying a gift for someone? Buy these personal care items form plug n point, visit and buy personal care products from our best and huge collection.


Available parking

Dubai has one of the best parking places. If you are to come and shop in Dubai then it is very less likely that you would have a parking space problem. As it is one of the main cities and there are lots of shopping places so they kept in mind that people have to park too. There are parking plazas too.


All in all

The best time to do shopping in Dubai would be evening and night but if you would like to do otherwise, the shopping malls are open from 10 in the morning to 10 in the night. Friday is a half day, the malls would open at 5 pm. If they do at all.

There is very brand available here. All the brands from top to bottom are all in Dubai and you can just go to one place and shop what you like. Isn’t it great, you do not have to fly from one place to other just to get the thing you want? If they do not have it you can always request to bring it in. Give them some days’ time and there you go!