How can we use electric kettles with different ways?

12 Apr 2019

There are many more appliances there than just the refrigerators and ovens. Today we are going to talk about the small appliance the kettles, more specifically the electric kettles. Have you ever thought that what else you could do with the electric kettles other than just boiling the water? If the answer is yes and even if the answer is no here is a list of thing you can do with your electric kettles. Have a look at some more home appliances at plug n point.


Tea, coffee, etc.

The most popular usage of kettles is making hot beverages like coffee or tea. There are many more beverages that you can make with these kettles. Whether the kettle is electric or stove top they are basically used for these. It seemed like a good point to start with. Now there are different ways that people make beverages with it, let’s take tea. You can boil water in it and then pour into a container that has all the ingredients.

Or you can make tea in the kettle, this might seem like outrageous to you but people do it and it is efficient. Other than these you can also reheat beverages in it by filling it with the beverage that you want. As the kettles are washable you can always wash it later and use for boiling water again. You can boil or heat milk in kettle too. Hot milk in kettle would be ready for hot chocolate so you can give it a try.


Instant meals

If you recall the instant meals are what you can make by just adding hot water to it. There are still lots of meals available in the market and all you have to do is add hot water. So, what is a better way to boil water for instant meals other than kettles, especially electric kettles? Electric kettles because they are faster and make the water boil in an instant. If you want to know more about electric kettles then you can check out our electric kettle section and there you can also choose the best one for your usage. So the other thing is that you can also, sort of, prepare a meal with the help of kettles.



Boiling in kettles

Have you ever thought of boiling an egg with kettles? Yes, you can do it with the kettles and electric kettles too. There are some electric kettles that have exposed coil at the bottom, we would not recommend you boiling eggs in that kettles. As the eggs would touch coil and could be burnt from the side. What some people do to prevent that is a roll or tilt the kettle a little so that the eggs do not touch the coil and eggs get away from the coil.

If you could not tilt the kettle there is another way too. Most of the kettles have auto shut off feature as water boils. You can place the eggs in there then. Now, this depends on how hard you want the eggs to boil. If you like hard-boiled you might have to place them again in after water boils again. As a guide, hard-boiled eggs need about 12 minutes and soft boil takes 2 to 4 minutes. Not only eggs but you can also boil vegetables and other stuff in the kettles too. Like if you have to put some carrots in a soup and you like to boil them first, you sure can do that easily in a kettle. The only problem with this is that there is not always enough space that you can boil lots of stuff. 


Rice cooking with kettles

Again the exposed coil is a big hindrance in your way of cooking rice with the electric kettles. Anyways here is how you can do it. Soak rice in water for about half an hour. Then you can either add that water and rice to the kettle or pour fresh water into the kettle and then add those rice to it. The next step is simple, just turn on the kettle and let it cook for about 20 minutes. This obviously depends on the amount you are cooking. Just one boil would be not enough so you might have to turn it on again and again. This is just for rice and we suggest that you do not add items like meat in it. Whoa, there you go the rice is ready.


Heating or boiling milk

Milk is just like water and of course, you can boil and heat milk in it. There is like no need to explain it but here it is. Empty the kettle of water, if you like your milk without water otherwise let it be. Add the amount of milk you want. The best way to go, according to us, is by adding enough milk that kettle is half full. This is because when the milk will boil or heat up it starts to rise unlike water and there could be a lot of mess if you are not paying attention. It is recommended that you keep an eye on it and turn off the kettle before its auto shut off turn on. Check out some more kitchen appliances here.