What Factors Should One Consider Before Purchasing Air Conditioner in UAE

What Factors Should Consider Before Purchasing Air Conditioner

12 Aug 2020

Summer season is now on its peak and throughout the UAE the harshness or hotness of the summer season is becoming the reason for unnecessary irritation and disturbance. Under this condition, air conditioners are the best option to keep cool not only your room but also your temperament. But, before going to Buy Air Conditioner Online PlugnPoint invites you to check out the below-given factors to save your money while purchasing air conditioner.   

Capacity Does Matter

The user should take care of the size as well as the capacity of an air conditioner before going to buy it. The experts addressed that 1 ton air conditioner is enough for a room that is 140 square feet in size. Whereas, 1.5 ton air conditioner will be the best option for a room designed in 180 square feet. Moreover, for the room size larger than these mentioned sizes, the best option to implant an air conditioner of 2 ton capacity. 

  • AC Must Be An Energy Efficient 

Nowadays, the trend of energy-efficient air conditioners is running not only across the UAE but throughout the world. The main benefit behind this fact is that energy efficient air conditioners offer the best cooling while consuming less energy. These energy efficient air conditioners also become the reason for the affordable bills of electricity. So, for getting a good cooling experience with less consumption of energy you are recommended to look for the best inverter air conditioner

AC Type is Suitable

  • What Type is Suitable For You

Today we are finding air conditioners of several types. The types of air conditioners are designed to fulfill the different requirements by different types of people. The general types of air conditioners are included in Split Air Conditioners and window air conditioners. Both ACs have their own importance and these are, somehow, different in performing their tasks. 

  • Quality is Main Concern

Quality is the main concern while going to buy anything in the market. The same case would be applicable while choosing the best air conditioner for you. We can evaluate the quality of an air conditioner with the feature of dehumidification. A good air conditioner is comprised of a good dehumidification unit aimed to eliminate the humidity from the room and in return makes the room cool instantly.

The need for this feature is mostly required especially in the monsoon season when the humidity level is comparatively increased. Moreover, filters of an air conditioner also play a pivotal role to maintain its quality and working ability. So, must take care of these things while purchasing air conditioner.

  • Take Care Of Maintenance & Installation

The life of an air conditioner depends upon its installation and maintenance. While moving towards the installation step of your air conditioner you need to contact the authorized dealers. On the other hand, you are required to take care of the maintenance of your AC regularly to enhance its working ability and its life.

  • Check The Speed

Another fact you should also keep in mind is the Cooling Speed of an Air Conditioner. A flexible speed feature, an adjustable thermostat, and two fans are generally arranged to complete an air conditioner. Although, several air conditioners come with pre-defined settings that are enough to get a good cooling experience while using an air conditioner. 

  • Are You Looking For Multiuse?

Today, we are getting air conditioners that are not only using to make your room cool but these are also offering multiple tasks. For example, the air conditioners are also using as heart producers and keep your room warm during the winter season. While using an air conditioner as heat producer the user can save up to 30% of energy as compared to the heaters that are commonly used in the winter season.   

  • Take Notice Of Noise Level

Sometimes, it makes you disturbed and becomes the reason for unwanted irritation when an air conditioner plays. This is because of the sound of the AC units. You should also take care of the noise level of an air conditioner. Well, it is calculated that an air conditioner with 19 to 60 decibels noise level is a good air conditioner.  

Ask AC For Warranty

  • Ask For Warranty

You should also take notice of the fact whether the dealer is offering you a warranty for your selected air conditioner or not. A good dealer offers customers with at least one year warranty. However, if the dealers or manufacturers are not believing in the capacity and working ability of their products then you should also not going to stand with these products. Do not waste your money and try to find the manufacturers or the buyers who are satisfied with their products and offer customers with at least one year warranty.   

  • Price Always Matters 

What you are going to get while spending your money? It always matters. Do not take any risk while buying any kind of product and think twice while going to spend your money. You should compare the features of the products with the price of the product. The customer must try to assess the needs and then look for the products according to their needs but under the available budget. If you are looking for a simple air conditioner to fulfill the basic requirements then you can buy the air conditioner within a reasonable amount. But, if you are looking for an air conditioner with some advanced and latest features then, obviously, you have to pay something extra for extra features.  

Buy The Best Option Right Now 

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