UAE’s Future and its Influences on the other Countries of the World

24 Apr 2019

UAE is focused on its future and they are working, not just the country’s future but they think about what is best for its residents and the people of UAE. UAE is known to be the leader and leading country for investment in the business, property development, etc. so this has made them grow internationally and increased their global influence. Now it is on their side to maintain and manage their power and responsibilities. To take this seriously they have to understand what the country and its people need at that time.

But at the same time, you also have to keep an eye on what are the international trends and demands so to make sure that you are not missing out. The leadership of Sheikh Mohammad Zayed al-Nahyan has known as an alert and the aware king who knows the importance of its land. He wants to make an example in the world through its leadership that will lead the country towards a better and strong economy, partnership and much more. Before knowing what the future is for UAE, would you like to shop some home appliances for yourself?


The leadership of the UAE

There are many resources in the UAE, for instance, it is full of substantial fossil fuel reserves. One can’t stop to think that this natural resource will end one day or the other. So they can’t rely on this only to live and make a profit of. What happens when it does? So they are in the hunt to be more and independent of this resource and make a stand for its position across borders. One of the examples to make UAE great is “Vision 2021.”


What is the Vision 2021?

This is a program that was launched back in 2010 and its purpose and strategy are such that it will make UAE a leader in the Middle East. Not only here but also, across the world their position will be great. Through great economy, knowledge, business hub and more. The oil reserves are not forgotten or left, they will also play the role however, they are not the center of attraction. True and permanent leadership, in this age, will come through education, finance, and technology. The ruler and King said it himself that people of the nation are the real wealth and power but not millions of barrels of oil. The most noteworthy move is New York University Abu Dhabi that was back in 2010.



International relations of UAE

The relations with other countries play an important role in making the country and that nation great. So, one of the ways to prosper is making sure there are strong relations with partner countries. And obviously, economic stability is important. UAE is now going in partnership with other global leaders. According to Sheikh Mohammad, this is the way towards peace. Along with being in relations with other nations, they have not let the focus off on what is best for their nation and people.


Safety first

They have also taken a strong stand against the powers and forces trying to harm UAE. Sheikh Mohammad is a leading figure for UAE and is one he had to take a stand. While the crime rate there is low but the image is portrayed by how leading figures keep an eye and act against harming forces. One can’t make the mistake of letting his own country and people in danger and that is risking the safety of citizens by not protecting them from forces of terrorism, trafficking, and other such things. So, Sheikh Mohammad has also taken the initiative to end these kinds of forces. At 2012 establishment of the Hedayah center in Abu Dhabi UAE stood as a monument against terrorism. Future of e commerce and growing business in the middle east



Good philanthropist

Being a charitable figure and a philanthropist also matters, at the same time, then especially for a country like UAE. So to maintain and helping the ones in need Sheikh Mohammad is an example of generosity. No matter what it is he is always out there and one of those who wants to save the good that is left. He has committed to donating a 100 million dollars to Gates Foundation so that the lifesaving vaccines could be given to need. He also committed a 120 million dollars contribution for the fight against diseases like polio.

The humanitarian does not stop here, he also made a foundation i.e. Species Conservation Fund what this does is to sustain with the animal population all over the world. This fund supports the preservative initiatives not just in the UAE or the Middle East but all over the world. This geographically small nation has lots of importance around the world. Be generous to yourself and buy good kitchen and dining products at cheap rates from plug n point.