What safety precautions should follow when handling electric appliances

04 Sep 2019

A power mechanism of households enough electricity to power all-electric appliances in the house, which means it is enough to give you life-threatening damage. The main concern behind this is that the electric system can cause you potential harm. 

Our body is a natural conductor of electricity and it also has the potential to get shocks and burns. Electricity can cause thermal burns which damage both external skin and internal skin tissues. If the intensity of this shock is higher than it can also collapse your lungs, or contact your muscle which can be life-threatening. 

Usually in a country like Dubai, due to humidity and hot weather, the skin of wires gets burn which causes hundreds of electronics accidents in Dubai. Mostly these accidents are usually caused by cheap electronic home appliances, in which wires are not coated with good material. 

Safety precautions 

There are several safety precautions that we should take when handling some electric appliances. In this article, we are going to tell you about some safety precautions that you can take to save yourself from serious electric shock. 

1. Try to avoid someone who is electrocuted 

If you are seeing someone in your family and friend who is being electrocuted, try not to touch them. Your body is a natural conductor of electricity so the current will also pass through you and harm you. 

In such situation first, you should turn off the switch, if the switch is broken then you should try to use anything made of would or cloth which will break the connection between that person. Give that person a CPR by yourself if you know and call the emergency helpline. 

2. Know your electric code

If you are a worker in Dubai who install electric appliances in Dubai malls or hotels, then know the map of your electric code. The main purpose of these electric codes to protect these workers from electric shock when they are installing electrical appliances. It is a best practice to protect yourself from shock and electric burns.

3. Do not touch any wet electrical appliances.

Do not touch any of the electric appliances if it's wet. It is a common thing to know that the risk of getting shocked is higher when you work around water. Always keep in mind to install GFCI (Ground fault circuit interrupters) when you are working in a damp area. This will save you when installing an electric appliance in wet areas like dams and pools, it will break the circuit before electricity can enter your body. 

4. Always keep a check on your electric tool

Always maintain your electrical tools, and stop using those tools which need some repairing. Special check your power tools, exposed wires and those prongs which are loose or missing. If your tool is crooked than there is a great chance that you can get a shock during the use of one to install consumer electronics. Do not use cheap electronic tools because they have more tendency of short-circuiting during work.

5. Wear safety gear first

If you are becoming an electrician or have years of experience in this field, it is very important to wear safety gears before installing any electric appliances. There are multiple gears that you should always keep with yourself which include rubber gloves, goggles, sleeve hoods, line hose, non-conducting hats, and blankets. These safety gears should also be monitor properly before every use. 

6. Avoid power grids and lines

Construction sites are full of Power lines and power grids, and they pose a serious threat to workers and electricians who are working there. In the last 5 years, 25 workers died in electrical accidents on a construction site. These power lines usually look harmless but even a single touch can pass through a thousand volts’ electric current through your body, which can cause serious tissue damage or can also stop your heart.


So here are the safety precautions that you guys should take when handling some electric appliances, this will ensure your safety.