What type of gas hobs are best for your dream kitchen in UAE

02 Sep 2019

Everybody wants to make their kitchen look beautiful and expensive but they don’t have enough sources to do so. But if you guys just pay a little attention toward your house kitchen than you will notice that you can make it look better and expensive just some minor adjustments.

In the first step, you are going to change the hardware of your kitchen. Kitchen hardware can change its entire look by just putting new gas hobs in it. What you can do is you can replace your old Gas hobs with the new best gas hob and give it a unique touch. You kitchen hardware plays the most important role because it adds the color contrast to your kitchen but also help you keep your stuff in there. All the hardware should be a single color and match gas hobs color because less is more. Trying a different color can make your kitchen look less elegant. 

Best gas hobs in UAE

In a region like the UAE where there is so much humidity and sand everywhere, keep eating from street stalls is so good for your health. You need a proper kitchen in your house especially a gas hob on which you are going to cook your meal. Because these countries are rich with natural gas so it is very cheap. There are almost 98 percent homes which use gas hobs in Sharjah.

Types of gas hobs which are best for you

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best gas hobs which are going to help you a lot in UAE and complete your kitchen. Here is the list

1. Three burner hob

It is a gas hob which is fast and precise to its functions. It is a home appliance that is perfect for the little kitchen and occupies a little bit of space. Three burner gas hobs are the most common type of cheap gas hobs that are being used in almost every house of UAE. These gas hobs have three burners two main to cook your meal and one is smaller one to just heat up the pre-cooked food. Its two main burners produce even temperature across your cooking pan surface to cook meal properly.


Cheap to buy

Sleek in design

Very easy to clean/wash

No special accessories are required


Less cooking points

Risk of your children sustaining burn because it remains hot after a while.

Use a lot of gas to produce heat

4 burner gas hobs

These are a little advance type of gas hobs which have 4 cooking stoves on it. A little bit big in design than three burner gas hobs which means it will cover a little more space of your kitchen. It has 4 stoves and two of them have a glass top on them. The stove is powered by gas so it’s a good investment in a country like UAE. This burner has a tightly wound copper coil. When you lit up the burner the heat passes through the coil and heat up the glass top of the burner. This gas hob is mostly used in the big houses where professional chefs are being hired to cook the family meal. 


It is energy efficient

Very easy to clean

Has a very sleek and modern design

Heat up quickly

Have a boost function for quick boiling

Very safe to touch on glass top


It is a little bit expensive

Open flames for charring the food

You need accessories like magnetic pan to use on glass top

Louder than other hobs

5 Burner gas hobs

This is one of the most use Sharjah restaurant gas hob This is a type of kitchen appliance that is mostly used by professional chefs in the restaurants. Best choice for chefs because they have the ability to cook fast. It has 5 main burners and a very simple mechanism on which it works. The gas comes through the burner ring and all rings are connected to each other so they can give even cooking. The cooking is more controllable and you don’t need any special pans and pots for it.


Instant heat able burner

Quick changeable settings on burner

Have high open flames to char your food

It can cook more meal on a single time


Difficult to clean

Need to have a good gas connection

Less safety