Buy Mobile Phones Online, Which are The Best Websites in the UAE

I am Looking To Buy Mobile Phones Online. Which are The Best Websites To do so in the UAE?

27 Oct 2020

The use of smartphones has become more vibrant these days. According to last year's statistics, it has calculated that almost 5.11 billion unique users are using mobile phones and out of them, 2.71 are smartphone users. The projected number of smartphone users will be extended to 2.87 at the last of 2020 and the series will get continued in 2021.

Where the number of smartphone users is increasing day after day, at the same time, the number of online stores, that are offering smartphones, is also getting extended. Here we come with the list of the best websites to buy mobile phones in the UAE.     

  • Noon

When it comes to talking about Online Shopping in the UAE, Noon is listed among the top online retailers in the UAE. This online store has been running for a long time ago and is paying its best services. Anything you want to buy online in the UAE, you can find here at this store. However, when it comes to buy online mobile phones, then the services of this store have also enlarged. You can find mobile phones of almost all the brands here. 

  • Amazon

Who hasn’t heard the name of Amazon? Today, everyone is familiar with the name of the amazon. Amazon is an online platform that is not only running in the UAE. But, Amazon is running worldwide and the consumers at every single edge of the world are getting benefitted from the services of Amazon. In UAE, Amazon is offering its best services in buying every single product that is necessary for life, and to buy smartphones at Amazon is not a big deal. You can find mobile phones of every single brand here.

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  • Jumbo

Are you looking to explore a trustworthy online store to Buy Online Mobile Phones in the UAE? Well, you are informed that Jumbo can be a good option for you. Jumbo is serving itself for a long time ago. It is a specialized store for electronic goods, especially computers, laptops, mobiles, and their accessories. All the new arrivals of the smartphones are available on time on Jumbo and anytime you can get the updated price of almost all the latest smartphones. Moreover, the store also offers all the accessories for smartphones.    

  • Carrefour

Carrefour is another most popular name that comes under the discussion of the best online stores in the UAE. Carrefour is, now, active in almost 15 countries with its 38 markets in the Middle East and more than 210 outlets throughout the world. Almost every single product is available here and when it comes to discussing mobile phones or smartphones, then we see almost all the worldwide recognized brands are associated with Carrefour.

  • Dubizzle

Dubizzle calls the users for both purposes i.e. buying and selling purposes. Users can find a variety of products that are using to make life better. Smartphones are one of the main services by Dubizzle. Are you looking to buy Apple phones, Huawei phones, Samsung phones, HTC phones, Google phones, and any other smartphone? You are invited by Dubizzle to visit anytime to find your needy products.   

  • Alibaba

Alibaba is one of those online stores that has become the rulers of the world within a very less consumption of time. Alibaba is dealing with almost all the products that are using in the daily routine of life. From home appliances to Kitchen Appliances and personal care products all, we can have by Alibaba. Alibaba also facilitates its consumers with mobile phones of almost all the renowned mobile phone companies.

  • Ubuy

This is another prominent name among the most popular online stores in the UAE. Ubuy has also been giving its services for a long time ago. Ubuy store has reached such an extent that everywhere in the world we can find the online stores of Ubuy. Moreover, it has also reached to such an extent that today we are finding almost all the necessary products under a single domain. Ubuy is not only dealing with smartphones but it is also offering almost all the mobile phone accessories.

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  • Pricena

Pricena is an online platform that is only dealing with smartphones and their accessories. This specialized online mobile phones platform is, currently, dealing in almost all the worldwide recognized brands. For example, users can buy Apple iPhones, Samsung phones, Huawei phones, and some others. While buying smartphones, the users are also buying different mobile phone accessories within reasonable price ranges.

  • Sharafdg

While discussing the top-rated online platforms in the UAE, Sharafdg is also the most prominent one. From beauty to the kitchen, personal care, home appliances, toys, and electronic goods, etc. all goods you can find here. The store offers a separate section for mobile phones by exploring which you can find mobile phones of almost all the worldwide popular brands. Sharafdg also offers some special discounts and deals to facilitate the consumers. For obtaining a good online shopping experience in the UAE, once must go through Sharafdg.

  • Axiomtelecom

Axiotelecom is another most vibrant name in offering Online Smartphones in the UAE. This store is specialized in selling mobile phones, tablets, and accessories related to them. The store provides hot deals on the smartphones of almost all the brands and one can get mobile phones in some special discounts and cheap price ranges. The store also keeps the product details updated. For example, from the best android phone price to the best tablets price all you can check here without any uncertainty.

Buy Mobile Phones at Plugnpoint

At the end of this discussion, we would like to share another trusted name with the users to buy online mobile phones in the UAE. Yes! We are talking about Plugnpoint, an online platform aims to facilitate consumers with almost all the basic goods to make their lives vibrant and convenient. Besides the labor reducing products or home appliances, Plugnpoint also offers consumers smartphones. Almost all the worldwide famous smartphone brands are associated with Plugnpoint and offering the latest mobile phones at the best deals and discounted prices. You are recommended that once must visit the mobile phone section and then makes the difference.

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