Why are Freezer placed at the Top of the Refrigerator

10 Jul 2020

The freezer is one of the main home appliances that every house needs. It just not only help us to get cold water to drink whenever we want but also helps us to preserve our food longer. In a region like UAE where the temperature is so high, you need a great partner to help you get fresh and cold beverages.

Refrigerators are one of those home appliances that you need to buy for a longer run. They are your kitchen partner for everything. When it comes to shopping a refrigerator for yourself you should consider some dynamics as well. The price and size are the two main concerns of every person when they think about a refrigerator. Refrigerator Prices in UAE fluctuate with different seasons and occasions.

You can get refrigerators on sale in UAE in the event of EID and the national holidays. Instead of waiting for an event to buy this important home appliance, you should consider buying them online. To buy refrigerator online you guys don’t need to go out and wander from one market to another. You just need to sit in front of your laptop and search for the best price refrigerator to buy.

Placement of Freezer in a Refrigerator

With all modern design refrigerators, there are two types of refrigerators that exist in the market. In case you're thinking about another fridge, odds are the primary things you'll consider are cost and size. These are basic! Be that as it may, as you'll discover once you begin to do some examination, there are many (a lot) more factors to contemplate. One of those is the cooler arrangement. One which has the freezer compartment at the bottom and the other ones which have a freezer compartment at the top.

1.     Top Mount freezer

2.     Bottom Mount freezer

Both these types have their own pros and cons. Both styles are equally popular among customers because everyone has their own preferences. This issue may not look as exciting but it still affects your daily use of a refrigerator. No, it's not provocative, however, it is an inquiry you should pose to yourself: Do you need a cooler on the top or a cooler on the base?

Freezer in Refrigerator

  • Refrigerator Position

As we know that refrigerators are categorized by the position of the freezer compartment that it has. It will be convenient to say that when you looking to buy one get the one with the Freezer at the Top. This design looks more elegant and pleasing to the eyes as well. A top-cooler is the customary choice. It's likewise the less expensive choice and the more vitality effective choice. The fundamental downside? It won't win you any plan grants and you'll need to a hangover to get at anything that's taking cover behind the cheddar in your refrigerator.

A top-mount freezer refrigerator can be adjusted anywhere in the house. You don’t have to make any special room for it to adjust. Squatting each time to get food out of the freezer or when you need ice for your drinks can become a little uncomfortable. On the other hand with the freezer on top, you can easily reach your food without bending your body in an uncomfortable position.

  • Less straining for your body

As we have discussed earlier that Top mount freezer refrigerators are less straining to your body. The refrigerator is one of those home appliances that we use throughout the day. So, in a region like the UAE where you cannot survive without drinking cold water, it will be very uncomfortable to squat after 2 minutes. The machines' Energy Star evaluations and specific utilization will shift contingent upon make and model, however, it's almost certain that a top-cooler ice chest is more vitality effective.

Some of the foods that we freeze will become heavy. So, if you have stored any meat in the bottom freezer it will be more difficult to get from the bottom freezer that top one. It is a simple understanding that every one of us has and it can make your life easy on a daily basis. You will not have to go through serious back pain whenever you want to get something out of your freezers.

  • Better usage of the freezer and its storage

When you Buy a Refrigerator, you want to utilize its full storage capacity. It is easy to do with a freezer placed at top of your refrigerator.  People with bottom freezer have to utilize it with some kind of lift out basket which can take lots of your freezer space.

With the top freezer refrigerator, you don’t have to use any kind of basket. You just have to place your food between the shelves of your refrigerators. The top freezer is always roomier than the bottom one. You can store larger frozen item s in it then the bottom one.

  • Saves more energy

Top-mounted freezers are more energy-saving than the bottomed ones. This will take you back to the original freezer design in the past. Because they have a top-mounted compressor it is easy to convert cooling of the freezer to the whole bottom part of the fridge. On the other hand, sending cooling from bottom to top is hard. Notwithstanding those vitality reserve funds, the real machine is less expensive when you purchase the great variant with a cooler on the top. Contingent upon what your general spending plan is, the distinction can be two or three hundred dollars, or right around a thousand.

One more thing the compressor of the refrigerator tends to heat up with the usage.  In top freezer designs, you guys will never have the problem with compressor because it’s tucked at the bottom of the refrigerator. In Bottom Styled Freezers, the compressor is way to close to the freezer and its heat contradicts with the cooling. This way it takes more energy to maintain cooling than the top-mounted freezers.