World's longest zipline reopening

16 Jan 2019

The world’s longest zip line is located in the UAE. Ras Al Khaimah’s Jebel Jais – the highest mountain in the UAE and features the longest zip line in the world. This is one of the major attractions in UAE and people from around the world come to enjoy and have a trill of a lifetime here. This zip line drives through most of the northern areas of Emirates further showing the major architecture around. This is a perfect ride for all the thrill seekers. Going at the speed of 120km to 150km per hour while you are 1,680 meters above the sea level will surely rush all the adrenalin in your body. The best zip line is in UAE and best online shopping in UAE is at plugnpoint.

A special harness is fitted on which is to keep you safe while the adventure. This complete voyage takes about three or four minutes. On the other end, the finishing line, there is a landing platform from there you will be then transferred to the zip line that will take you to ground. In December of 2018, this zip line was closed because of a tragic accident. A helicopter accidentally crashed in the Jebel Jais Mountain and four people were killed in the accident. During the time it was closed for the public an investigation tool place.

After four crew members lost their lives after a rescue helicopter crashed into Jebel Jais. A zip line was hit before the helicopter crashed. This tragic mishap took place around 6.30pm on Saturday according to the eyewitnesses. Toro Verde’s Ras Al Khaimah reported afterward that they regret to inform, there was serious incident on the Mountain, because of this park and access road are closed until further notice. They closed all that to give the Emergency access. Until further notice, we will be in contact with our customers.

Recently the reopening of this world’s longest zip line has been announced. According to the sources and news it will be open on this Saturday for the public completely and is according to the guidelines of Civil Aviation. The spokesperson of UAE Toro Verde commented about this while talking to the news. He said that now they are sure and certain that nothing will go wrong, as they have tested it completely. This zip line will be the longest zip line that fulfills all the highest international safety standards and will be reopened to you all.

A full valuation of the damage to this zip line and Zipline Park was run by Toro Verde. Necessary tests and repairs are made to the cables and infrastructure after the accident. Toro Verde confirmed that in this accident none of the cables that carry the public were damaged. None of the customers, participants, and staff were injured in this and neither of the staff was involved in this incident. One of the cables that does not carry any customer, the cable that is known as the breaking cable, is identified as damaged after the accident. This cable has also been replaced!

What was the reason for this accident? According to the previous report, there are no known circumstances or exact reason that caused the accident. According to the spokesperson of Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority, once the investigation is completed and the report comes out we will have the details and reason of his.

This investigation was ordered by the Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, Member of the Supreme Council Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi. Before the official reopening of this zip line there are some tests and rescheduling been going on. They are contacting that customer who booked flights and are reordering them. Also, there are preparations going on to welcome the leadership or RAK TDA, the development authority. They also told that safety and security of visitors and all those who visit the Zipline Park to have the best experience is important to us and is at our first priority. After you are free from here you can have a look at these home appliances, shop online or visit our stores.