Bosch Coffee Machine

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Bosch Coffee Grinder MKM6003NGB

  • AED 119

Bosch Coffee Machine Heating Full Aroma For 10 Cups TKA3A034GB

  • AED 167

Bosch Built In Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Espresso CTL636ES1

  • AED 8651

Bosch Built In Automatic Coffee Machine One Touch Function CTL636EB1

  • AED 8651

Bosch Coffee Machine Price in Dubai Emirates

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There are several types of coffee machines like bean to cup coffee machines, vending coffee machines, and the traditional ones that boil water and brew the coffee. Before explaining these types here are some of the features of the cheap automatic coffee machines that are offered here, by Bosch.


The bean to cup coffee machines are most popular and used more, in the houses or for personal use. Almost all of the bean to cup coffee machines has built in coffee grinder so you do not need to worry anything about. These types of coffee machines are fast and efficient. It is a good choice if you have busy routine and do not have much time for waiting. The coffee quality it gives you is high and you can get a variety of coffees form it.


Then come the vending machines. Of course, they have tons of different coffee machines you can choose form. Along with that feature, they also provide you with the most cups of coffee. These are most easy to understand and use. But the down side is that he quality of coffee is not good enough and they are also expensive and not for personal and home use. Traditional machines require you to put in the coffee and water, the machine boils water and brews with the coffee in a filter. Coffee is poured into the jug. These types of machines can serve from three to five cup of coffee at a time.