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Bosch 1-7 L Kettle 2600 W Triple Safety Reduces Energy TWK6A034GB

Bosch 1-7 Liter Electric Kettle Limescale Filter in Spout TWK7804GB

  • AED 270

Bosch Comfort Line Kettle Cordless Stainless Steel Black TWK6A833GB

  • AED 335

Bosch 1-7 Liter Kettle 2600 W Over Heat Protection TWK6A031GB

  • AED 230

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Bosch Best kettles will become your favorite kettle once you have the experience and start using it. Buy the best kitchenaid electric kettles form plug n point. We are offering products at low and economical prices. You can save money while shopping at plug n point because we offer many deals and discounts on your desired products. Get the best and all those you like to your cart and leave the rest to us. Plug n point is delivering all across UAE, no matter where you live. If you also love tea then you came looking at the right place. Kettles by Bosch are the ultimate tool you need to make delicious tea all day; every day. If you prefer juice over tea then visit juicer section.

The advantage of a Bosch Cheapest kettle is that you do not have to worry about water boiling out or the kettle will dry boil. You can just put in water and all the things you like. Go have a shower and get ready. These kettles by Bosch does all the work for you. You are saving electricity and time making tea in these kettles. Check out these other kettles by other brands. Built in water filters and temperature control setting lets you have the best tea in the world. Keep your food warm with warming drawers we have for you.

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