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AED 440


Panasonic Box Fan 8 Inch Hood Structure Window Mount Type Ventilation With Auto Shut FV-20WH3

  • AED 440

Panasonic Box Fan 6 Inch Hood Structure Window Mount Ventilation FV-15WH3

  • AED 296

Panasonic Box Fan 10 Inch Wall Mount Ventilation Fan With Louvre Design FV-25AL9

  • AED 256

Panasonic Wall Mount 12 Inch Ventilation Fan - Box Fan zFV-30AU9

  • AED 256

Panasonic Box Fan 8 Inch With Louvre Design Wall Mount Ventilation FV-20AL9

  • AED 230

Panasonic Ventilation Fan 10 Inch Single Speed Wall Mount FV-25AU9

  • AED 191

Panasonic Ventilating Fan 3mm - 7mm Panel Thickness FV-20WU4

  • AED 178

Panasonic Box Fan 8 Inch Single Speed Wall Mount Ventilation Automatic Shutter FV-20AU9

  • AED 165

Panasonic Ventilating Fan Unique Q-Blade Design FV-15WU4

  • AED 125

Black And Decker Box Fan 16 Inch Adjustable Tilting Head Safety Grill Adjustable Angle Wind Blowing FB1620-B5

  • AED 119

Nikai Box Fan NF755N2

  • AED 99

Elekta Box Fan 10 Inch 6 Blades 3 Speed Levels 50 Watts EBX114

  • AED 65

RR Round Exhaust Fan RR20-R

  • AED 50

KDK Box Exhaust Ventilating Fans Wall Mounting Single Speed 20AUHT

Super Asia Box Fan Exhaust Fan 12 Inch 300 mm Best Air Throw Plastic Permanent Lubricated EF-12

ClikOn Electric Box Fan 12 Inch CK2211

ClikOn 10 Inch Box Fan CK2198

Shop home box fan online 2021 in Emirates UAE

Box fans are cheap than most of the fans that you install and there is another benefit of these. You can use these in several different ways. They are portable and easy to install. These fans can be used as a fan for throwing in the room from outside and you can use these are exhaust fans too. But on the downside, these do not have many features like tower fans. They are compact and just come in rectangular or box shape and round like a circle. The fan blades are usually of plastic on the newer models and they are protected by the grills. Check out home appliances too.


Advantages of Box fans

Grills protect both the fan blades and yourself too. They are powerful and if you are using these as an exhaust fan then all smoke, dust, etc. will out of the kitchen quickly. These box fans are also cheap to run so you can say that these are energy efficient. Box fans draw the fresh air from one side into your room. This is a good thing like these brings the fresh air to you but the con of this is that it brings any bad smell with it too. There are lots of other fan types that you can choose from and buy at cheap prices at plug n point.

We are offering you the best and top quality appliances at cheap prices. All the products here are verified by our team and there is nothing to worry about. Plug n point is also offering its home delivery services all over UAE, so now you can show with convenience at home. Fans are okay but if you want to get cooling then there is only one thing that can do so. The air conditioner, they are expensive to buy and run as compared to the fans but you will be happy with the results you get. Box fans are easy to maintain and clean, and you can replace these for cheap. 

Buy Box Fan Online in Emirates At affordable prices. PlugnPoint brings an enormous collection of box fans from top brands. Browse through the category and shop your favorite box fan at a budget-friendly price. These fans are the ideal solution to scorching summers. Both ventilating and exhaust fans are the types of box fans. They remove moisture, odor, and other unnecessary particles from the room. Buy a box fan of your choice from PlugnPoint and enjoy filtered clean air. 

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