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Wolf Power Chest Freezer 800 Liters Tropical Climate Class Adjustable Wire Shelves Easy Roll Wheels WCF800SD

  • AED 0

Wolf Power Chest Freezer 500 Liters With Lock And Key Manual Defrosting Adjustable Wire Shelves WCF500SD

  • AED 1514

Wolf Power Chest Freezer 350 Liters With Sliding Glass Lock And Key Optional WCF350SD

  • AED 1694

Wolf Power Chest Freezer 210 Liters Manual Defrosting WCF210SD

  • AED 1194

Wolf Power Chest Freezer 150 Liters Compressor Fan WCF150SD

  • AED 945

Whirlpool Chest Freezer 550 Liters Aluminum Freeze Tropical Skin Condenser 100 Watts CF-600

  • AED 1710

Thomson Chest Freezer 295 Liter Plastic Material Handle Easy To Grip Inside Light Durable THD295

  • AED 0

Thomson 350L Chest Freezer THD350

  • AED 0

Supra Chest Freezers 520 Liter Aluminium Interior Temperature Knob Control SCF520CH3C

  • AED 0

Supra Chest Freezers 360 Liter Aluminium Interior Temperature Knob Control SCF360CH3C

  • AED 0

Supra Chest Freezers 250 Kg Aluminium Interior Knob Control SCF250CH3C

  • AED 0

Supra 630 Liter Chest Freezers Aluminium Interior Handle Lock SCF-658

  • AED 1448

Supra 430 Liter Chest Freezers Aluminium Interior Handle Lock SCF-458

  • AED 0

Supra 150 Kg Chest Freezers Aluminium Interior Top Loading Electric Energy Input SCF150CH5C

  • AED 0

Super General Chest Freezer 550 Liter With Safety Lock SGF544

  • AED 1370

Super General Chest Freezer 430 Liter With Safety Lock SGF428

  • AED 0

Super General Chest Freezer 316 Liter White Bigger Volume Thick Thermal Insulation SGF328

  • AED 0

Super General 145 Liter Chest Freezer White LED Light Low Noise Level Safety Lock SGF208

  • AED 649

Panasonic Chest Freezer 300 Liter Outside Condenser SCRCH300

  • AED 1513

Panasonic Chest Freezer 250 Liter 4 Shelves SCRCH200

  • AED 1250

Chest Freezers for sale Chest Fridge for sale at Reasonable prices in Dubai

Chest Freezers for sale and best deals available in our online and offline store. Chest freezers are more economical than vertical freezers, however, covers a huge floor space. They allow a same capacity, which upright freezer provides. At PlugnPoint you can buy chest freezer online in following few simple steps. Though, most of them are known for their roughly organized interior. They are more energy efficient than those of upright freezers, hence you can save a large amount of bills by installing chest freezer. Some latest models of chest freezers may have baskets in them to give you an organized storage space. These freezers demand manual defrosting. which chest freezer to buy.? Most of people confused in large collection of brands. shop chest freezer at reasonlable prices from our store.

You can watch chest freezers for sales from leading brands at PlugnPoint. These freezers are available at less price as compared to both online and conventional marketplaces. Shop your idea chest freezer with PlugnPoint and enjoy huge discount.

A freezer is a need for a modern house in current era. As we are going toward global warming we need something to cool down our food and prevent it from getting rotten. Freezers are the best option for that purpose. With the help of chest freezers you can buy your food items in bulk and freeze them. In a region like UAE where normal temperature is always above 45 degree it is very difficult to maintain a good temperature on your food. 

A good chest freezer will help you to make sure that your food is perfectly safe. This way you can make a plan in the start of month that how much food you are going to buy and this way you can maintain your monthly budget as well. Chest freezers in Dubai are one of the most famous deep freezers kind which are mostly used in restaurants to store their food and keep it fresh. 

Size of Chest freezers

Chest freezers arguably are one of the most famous types of refrigerator in UAE. In 2017 Chest freezer in Sharjah are one of the most sold refrigerator type and that’s why each company is trying to manufacture cheap chest freezers now a days. There are different sizes available in the market for these chest freezers it is all up to you that what size will suit you. Usually small chest freezers are cheap but with large size chest freezers you can store more food. 

Features of a Chest freezer

There are multiple features that you need to look upon when buying a best chest freezer for yourself. Here is the list of all those features. 

1-Storage capacity

The main feature of a good chest freezer is its capacity to store more food. A regular house can use a medium size chest freezer because it has enough room to store food for the whole month. On the other hand, in restaurants you will see large size chest freezers because they need to store more food. 


2-Cooling performance

The other main purpose of getting a chest freezer is to freeze your food and prevent it from getting rotten. A best chest freezer will have that quality as no.1 priority. If your chest freezer can’t freeze your food than there is no use of it. Chest freezers in Sharjah can be very handy because of the hot temperature. 


     3-Price range

Last but not least, you need a chest freezer which have a light impact on your pocket, so to get cheap chest freezer search for them online at any good online store like plugnpoint.