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Best Kitchenaid Chillers in Emirates 2021

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WestPoint Best Quality 3 Door Chiller WPSN18017RT3

WestPoint Best Quality 3 Door Chiller WPSN18017RT3

  • AED 5999
WestPoint 2 Doors Chiller

WestPoint 2 Doors Chiller WPSN-12017T2

  • AED 3899

Kodama Chiller KSCC1000(2)

  • AED 3610

Nikai Chiller 1000 Liter Double Door Glass Efficient Fan Cooling System Mechanical Thermostat NSF1000SD

  • AED 3571

Super General Chiller 1100 Litres SGSC1218IF

  • AED 3499
Celsius Glass Door Chiller

Celsius Glass Door Chiller TSB2CF27(ECO)

  • AED 2975

Nikai Chillers NSF650SD

  • AED 2499

Nikai Chiller Double Door Tropicalized Compressor Showcase With Fan Vertical Light NSF510DD

  • AED 2390
Terim Showcase Chiller

Terim Showcase Chiller TERSC600W

  • AED 2099
Aftron Double Door Chiller

Aftron Double Door Chiller AFSC680F

  • AED 2075
Super General Single Door Chiller

Super General Single Door Chiller SGSC455

  • AED 1799
Terim Upright Bottle Cooler

Terim Upright Bottle Cooler TERSC400W

  • AED 1599

Nikai Chilers NSF400

  • AED 1595
West Point Best Quality Chiller WPSN-4017

West Point Best Quality Chiller WPSN-4017

  • AED 1499

Nikai Chiller Anti-Frost Double-Layer Glass Door Adjustable Thermostat Caster Wheels NSF390

  • AED 1479
Geepas Vertical Show Case Chiller

Geepas Vertical Show Case Chiller GSC6549

  • AED 1449
Aftron Showcase Chiller

Aftron Showcase Chiller AFSC425F

  • AED 1449

Nikai Chiller With Lock And Universal Castor Vertical Light Caster Wheels Adjustable Thermostat NSF320

  • AED 1417

Nikai Chillers NSF350

  • AED 1350
Akai Showcase Chiller With Double Layer Floating Door

Akai Showcase Chiller With Double Layer Floating Door SCMA-370A

  • AED 1250

Nikai Chiller 240 Liter Single Door Glass Adjustable Wire Shelves Adjustable Thermostat NSF240

  • AED 1202

Akai Chiller 270 Liters Showcase Chiller Black Adjustable Storage Shelves Upright Bottle Cooler SCMA270A

  • AED 1136

Nikai Chillers NSF300

  • AED 1099
Super General Chiller

Super General Chiller SGSC256

  • AED 949
Yamada Best Quality Single Door Chiller

Yamada Best Quality Single Door Chiller YCC110G

  • AED 799
Yamada Glass Single Door Chiller

Yamada Glass Single Door Chiller YCC90G

  • AED 750
Super General Single Door Chiller

Super General Single Door Chiller SGSC137

  • AED 649
Yamada Glass Door Chiller

Yamada Glass Door Chiller YCC60G

  • AED 600

Kodama Chiller Double Door Lock And Key Free Standing Corded (2) Inner Light KDSC 580DD

Media Plus Chiller 1020 Liters 2 Door Display Frost Free ME D10SS

Media Plus 670 Liters Chiller Frost Free Double Door FC LS112 AH

Super General Chiller 800 Liters Free Standing Fan Cooling Double Layered Glass 8 Shelves French Door SGSC818IF

Westpoint Chiller 400 Liters Free Standing Beverage Refrigerator Style Glass Body WPSN4017T2

Jet Cool Chiller 410 Liters Glass Door 4 Adjustable Shelves Metal Material Durable XLS 410SD

Best Kitchenaid Chillers in Emirates 2021

Chillers are also known as beverages refrigerators. They are wine or beverages coolers which are used to store all types of drinks in them. These are the cheapest refrigerators among all types. They are easily portable and required less space to keep them. If you use lots of drinks that your refrigerator space becomes less to store them, then these types of fridges can meet your needs for chilled beverages. Among a vast collection, you can find any model of your choice based upon your usage. Our latest assortment of beverages refrigerator is equipped with digital temperature and dual temperature adjustment, safety lock, reversible doors, LEDs and many more.

Advantages and disadvantages

We ensure you that which model you buy will prove energy efficient chillers and will make your life easier. If you have a shop or restaurant then your setup is not complete without a chiller or beverage refrigerator. You can call these beverage coolers or beverage refrigerator, whatever you like. These are suitable for every type of beverage you want to store. The transparent glass door lets you see what is in there without opening the door. There are many benefits of just this feature. First of all, you could decide and locate which drink you want without opening. Then if you are or want to use these commercially then it is easier to know if it is time to buy more drinks.

You should also have a look at these top of the line beverage coolers. Moving there is not much of a problem. Relocating these is easy. Some of the latest models also have a dual temperature. This is useful when you have a different type of beverages or some other stuff to store in three too. These are freestanding chillers. You can also buy these for personal or home usage. But there are some disadvantages too. These have only limited temperature settings. So it is better to know your requirements and then see which type and size of chillers are best for you. 

Chillers in Sharjah are one of a kind and they are used to generate cool beverages throughout the year so it can provide cool and relaxing chilled beverages. Chiller technology is Dubai was introduced in 1990 and since then almost every mega store has this electronic appliance in it. 

Chiller technology in Abu Dhabi has been very popular because the heat wave in this country is very common and people will get to melting point if this chillers is not embedded in stores where will they get chilled drinks. It is essential for every store in the UAE to have a chiller embedded in it first. 

Types of chillers

There are multiple types of chillers used in UAE but we are going to discuss two of the main types that are mostly being used in this region. Both of these types have different mechanisms to make sure that your food and beverage stay chilled. So keep these types in mind when buying a chiller in UAE

Chiller for drinks

It is a kind of chiller which is perfect for mega stores. It uses an electric driven mechanism to compress the air and force a cooling system in the whole area equally. This type of chillers are one of the most common Types of Chillers in Dubai. This type is divided into two other technology which are as follows

1-Water cooled 

2-Air- cooled

Food chillers

Now this is another type of chillers which absorb all the heat into the water vapors and try to cool down the temperature of the of at once on your food. Most of these chillers in Sharjah are being used in new Grocery stores.

Uses of chillers.

Chillers are being used in UAE for almost 3 decades and there size depends upon the size of the building they are installed in. 


In large mega stores you will need a chiller which will have the capacity to hold more beverages and frozen items which people can buy.


In these kind of chillers the area and compartments are a little smaller. You need to get more than one medium chiller to get your groceries in it. 


Now in this size you cannot put your food to keep them frozen. These also resemble mini refrigerators and you will see them in markets. They hold mostly chocolates and mini soda cans in them.

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