Cheap Chimney Hoods in Dubai | Kitchen Chimney Prices in Sharjah

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AED 1290


Bosch Chimney hood DWW06W450B

  • AED 1290

Gorenje Electric Chimney Hood Built In Stainless Steel Button Control Free Standing Wall Cooker Hood 102-5 kWh WHT921E5X

  • AED 1219

Gorenje Chimney Hood WHC923E16X-SA

  • AED 1049

Gorenje Chimney Hood Free Standing Wall LED Light WHC623E16X-SA

  • AED 899

Midea Chimney Hood Stainless Steel 3 Speeds Push Button Control Durable E60MEW3A17

  • AED 779

Gorenje Chimney Hood 90 cm Free Standing Wall Cooker DK9315X

Siemens Chimney Hood 90 cm Wall Mounted Light Dimmer Function LC98GA542B

Siemens Chimney Hood Built-In Wall Mounted 3 Speeds Control LC94BA521B

Siemens Chimney Hood Twin Channel Optimal Visibility LC97BE532B

Siemens Chimney Hood 3 Power Levels Diameter of Air Outlet 155 Watts LC94WA521B

SMEG Built-in Chimney Hood 3 Speed Settings 260 Watts KAT900HXE

Smeg Built-In 60 cm Decorative Wall Stainless Steel Chimney Cooker Hood Boot setting KAT600HXE

Smeg Built-in Chimney Hood 30 Inch Stainless Steel Island KIV90XE

Smeg Built-in Chimney Hood Aluminium Anti-grease Filter Neutral Aesthetics 261 Watts KSEG5XE

Siemens Chimney Hood Metal Grease Filter Grease Additional Noise Insulation 272 Watts LF91BE552B

Siemens Chimney Hood Twin Channel High Performance Fan Motor Metal Grease Filter 255 Watts LC97BHM50B

Siemens Chimney Hood Wall Mounted Hood Twin Channel High Performance Fan Motor 160 Watts LC64BA521B

Siemens Chimney Hood Metal Grease Filter Dishwasher Safe Special Chimney Solutions Possible 155 Watts LC64WA521B

SMEG 90 CM Chimney Hood Dolce Stil Novo Angled Design Electronic Control Perimeter Extraction 280 Watts KSVV90NRA

Bosch Chimney Hood DWW09W450B

Buy cheap chimney hood for kitchen in UAE

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Genuinely consider purchasing a kitchen chimney on the best price and value for your money. Since we realize that kitchens get smoky and hot while you cook. As a consequence you face high temperature in kitchen. It is impossible to stand in the kitchen during hot days. Temperature rises more because of the flame. Never had kitchen hood? Trust me on this one, having one of these in your kitchen, it totally changes your life. It helps gases, steam and smoke escape from kitchen. Hood becomes one of the necessary item and requirements of kitchen. We have best quality chimney range  in UAE.

Basically, a path through which gases escape kitchen is provided by the chimney hoods. The key region of every house is the cooking area i.e. kitchen. Clearly, to remain alive an essential thing is food, if we do not eat obviously we’ll die. Therefore having a kitchen spotless and free of germs, grease is also a critical issue because you do not want to be eating that dirt. The kitchen hood keeps the air clean by disposing of grease, steam, and carbon from kitchen and your home. Purchase the finest hoods from plug n point at best price and discover more of its features. Following are chimney hood’s features and functionalities.

  • High performance
  • Wall mounted
  • Multiple speed options
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Rocket switch for extractor speed
  • Low noise level performance
  • Twin channel
  • Push controls
  • Stainless steel body
  • Grease filter
  • Safe for washing
  • Filter cover
  • Suitable for recirculating and extraction