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Tecnogas Gas Cooker 200 Liters Capacity 6 Gas Burners Cooker Easy Removable Inner Glass PS1X12G6VC

  • AED 9000

Bosch Electronic Cooker 5 Ceramic Hobs 8 Cooking Functions Full Flame Safety HCB738357M

  • AED 7933

Bosch Gas Cooker 5 Gas Burners Cooker and Electric Oven With Rotary Rotary Spit HSB738357M

  • AED 6820

Maytag Electric Cooker Stainless Steel Body Triple Glass Door Auto Ignition Interior Light ACM406/1

  • AED 6000

Bosch Electric Cooker and Oven 5 Ceramic Hobs HKK99V850M

  • AED 5837

Bosch Gas Cooker 5 Gas Burners Cooker and Oven With Gas Grill Catalytic Self Cleaning HSG738357M

  • AED 5575

Elba Gas Cooker Automatic Ignition Thermostatic Gas Oven Mechanical Timer Interior Light 106PX880ICK

  • AED 4300

Gorenje Electric Cooker Built In Oven 5 Ceramic Hobs ECP97393AX

  • AED 4275

Bosch Gas Cooker 5 Gas Burners Cooker And Oven 17 Stages Control Heavy Duty Cast Iron HGK90VQ50M

  • AED 4264

Tecnogas Electric Cooker 90 x 60 cm 2 Wire Shelves N1X96EVTC

  • AED 3989

Glem Gas Cooker Burner Stainless Steel Cast Iron Pan Support Ignition System GMIL5FSS

  • AED 3775

LG Gas Cooker Dual Heating Removable Door Glass Catalytic Cleaning Rotisserie Power Convection LF98V05S

  • AED 3674

Tecnogas Gas Cooker 5 Burners Minute Minder Patented Cool Door With 2 Glasses Knob Control C3X96G5VC

  • AED 3674

Bosch 5 Gas Cooker Stainless Steel Hand Ignition Glass Cover Lid Cooker and Oven HGI12TQ50M

  • AED 3609

Bosch 5 Gas Burner Cooker Cast Iron Pan Supports HSG736357M

  • AED 3568

Nikai Electric Cooker 4 Hot Plates Cooking Range Fully Electric Robust Handle NCR66S4HTR

  • AED 3311

Glem Gas Best Quality Gas Cooker SB9612GIFSG

  • AED 3299

LG Gas Cooker Safe Touch Catalytic Cleaning Full Safety Closed Door Cleaning 95 Watts LF98V00S

  • AED 3149

Tecnogas Superiore Gas Cooker N3X96G5VCF

  • AED 2999

Wolf Power Electric Cooker 90x60 cm 5 Ceramic 98 Liter Oven WGC9060CERMF

  • AED 2983

Gas cookers,electric cookers online prices 2021

The most important part of your kitchen is the cookers. It gets you to cook food and prepare for those parties and feasts. Here we have many different models and all the latest items. You can buy all these at low cost and economical prices. It might be difficult for you to choose among all these items so you can see the prices and features of those you like and then compare them to have the best one for yourself. We have other home appliances too. You can check them and buy all the required items from plug n point.

Plug n point is offering you two types of range cookers, gas and electric. The major and main difference between these is the power source of these cookers. The gas stove uses gas as a fuel and the electric cooker has electricity as input. The gas cookers are cheap and they are low to maintain and run. While electric cookers use electricity and they are expensive to run. The initial cost of these electric cookers is also high compared to the gas cookers. Buy these gas cookers if you have a tight budget.

The gas cookers range are said to heat up quickly because of the direct flame heating the utensil. Controlling the flame is easier as compared to electric. The natural gas that these run on is also cheaper. On the other hand, electric cookers are easy to clean because of the smooth top. They have even surface so while you are not using it, it can be a counter for. These smooth top gets rough quickly so you have to take care of it. Electric cookers are modern and latest technology.