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Masterchef Cooking Range Individual Control For Oven And Grill Pan Support For Each Burner MHO-4461CN

  • AED 8918

Masterchef Cooking Range Fuel Natural gas Oven And Grill Burner Alarm Bell Timer MHO-4051S

  • AED 6821

Bosch Induction Hob Built In Perfect Fry Touch Control PXX675DV1E

  • AED 5182

Siemens Cooker Range 5 Gas Burners Catalytic Self Cleaning Side Liners One Hand Ignition HG73G6357M

  • AED 3676

Midea Cooking Range Close Door Warning Lamps Stainless Steel Full Safety Knob Control VSVC96048

  • AED 3283

Bosch Built-in Hob 30 cm PRB3A6D70M

  • AED 2823

Veneto Ceramic Cooking Range NIX96EVTC.VN

  • AED 2799

Midea Hob Automatic Safety Switch Off Residual Heat Indicator 9-Stage Power Setting Dual Ring MCHV848

  • AED 2430

Indeist 5 Gas Burners Cooking Range I-95T1CXEX

  • AED 2400

Gorenje Bulit in Hob One-Hand Ignition Device For Hob Stainless Steel Durabel GW951-UX

  • AED 2199

Bosch Built-in Hob Touch Control PKF375CA1M

  • AED 2037

Bosch Built-in Gas Hob PCP6A5B90M

  • AED 1971

Baumatic 5 Burner Gas Hob BMEH9GBLSS

  • AED 1799

Glem Gas Cooking Range Safety Valves For Gas Oven And grill Oven Light And Turnspit AL6611GI/FS

  • AED 1775

Vestel 5 Gas Burners Cooking Range F96F51X

  • AED 1750

Midea Built-in Gas Hob 5 Burner Knob Control 90G50ME005SFT

  • AED 1722

Gorenje Hob Gas Heater Hob Wok Triple Burner High Efficiency Burners Auto Ignition GW961-UX

  • AED 1701

Aftron 5 Gas Burners Cooking Range AFPGR9560SSD

  • AED 1675

Gorenje Hob ECT6SY2B

  • AED 1579

Kodama Gas Cooker 5 Euro Pool Burners Auto Ignition KCR-9060FS(MC)

  • AED 1579

Shop electric range cookers Sharjah Dubai UAE 2021

Electric range cookers are compulsory part of kitchen applainces. You can’t imagine to cook without a kitchen stove. An absolute perfect cooking always deserves an exceptional cooker, which combines elegance and practicality. To make your kitchen life easier, “Plug n Point” offers you an outstanding variety of Electric Range Cookers from leading brands. These cookers are the perfect combination of technology, viability and style, which offers you to cook and bake multiple dishes simultaneously. Their several hobs and vast shelves provide you a massive space to boil, grill, bake and cook several items at a same time to prove your cooking abilities.  

That’s why we say that “Your cookery passion deserves nothing less than Plug n Point electric range cookers!”

Our kitchen appliances are energy efficient, high performance, user friendly and are based on modern technology. They will give you a sense of the world’s leading flamboyant chef’s kitchen. Whether, you are looking for an outstanding one for your home or professional kitchen, we present you a number of cookers which will fulfil your needs along with blending in your kitchen decor. All these are innovative styles which are available in different dimensions to fit your kitchen size and needs. We don’t compromise on efficiency or style.

You can watch an exclusive range from top brands like Siemens, SMEG, Hoover, Super General, Whirlpool and Gorenje. These cookers are available in different styles and specifications. We give you a big variety in hobs; from gas to ceramic to induction to hot plates. Here, you can buy from small cooker, with 3 burners, to a larger one, with 7 burners. Waiting for what? Browse, and add your desired product to cart, “Plug n Point” vows a timely delivery.