Dry Iron Offers and Deals in 2021 in Dubai,Sharjah

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AED 1250


Bosch Dry Iron Spray With Detachable Tank Variable Temperature Control 1300 Watts TLB5000GB

  • AED 1250

Panasonic Heavy Weight Dry Iron Non-Stick Sole Plate Easy Gliding Over Clothes NI22AWTXJ

  • AED 189

Panasonic Dry Iron Steel Material Non-Stick Coated Light Weight NI-313EWT

  • AED 138

Panasonic Dry Iron NI-100DXWT

  • AED 135

Nikai Dry Iron Adjustable Thermostat 5 Power Levels 1200 Watts NDI724N

  • AED 108

Mr Plus Dry Iron Over Heat Protection Automatic Cut Off Non Stick Teflon Sole Plate 1200 Watts Mr2702

  • AED 91

Panasonic 1000 Watts Dry Iron Non-Stick Soleplate Cordless NI22AWT

  • AED 89

Panasonic Dry Iron Cut off Safety Feature Thermal Fuse Auto Power NI317TWT

  • AED 62

Best Quality Geepas Dry Iron GDI23011

  • AED 59

Panasonic Dry Iron Non-Stick Coated Sole-plate Thermostatic Pilot Lamp Durable 1000 Watts NI-100DXP

Nikai Dry Iron NDI725N

Black and Decker Dry Iron With Spray Function 1000 Watts F150

Panasonic 1000 Watts Cordless Iron NI-100DX

Panasonic Dry Iron Thermostatic Pilot Lamp Non-Stick Sole-plate Adjustable Thermostat 1000 Watts NI-22AWTX

ClikOn Light Weight Dry Iron CK2136

ClikOn Dry Iron Light Weight Iron Non-Stick Coating Sole-plate Thermostat Dial 1000 Watts CK2135

ClikOn Dry Iron Non-Stick Soleplate Power Indicator Light Variable Thermostat 1100 Watts CK2133

ClikOn Dry Iron Power Indicator Light Auto Cut-Off Interchangeable Cord Quick Pressing 1200 Watts CK2132

ClikOn Dry Iron Non Stick Ceramic Oil Coating Adjustable Swivel Cord Quicker Pressing 1200 Watts CK2131

ClikOn Dry Iron Safer Ironing And Zero Drip Non Stick Ceramic Oil Coating 1000-1200 Watts CK2130

The best Panasonic Clothes dry iron | Dubai Sharjah UAE 2021

Ironing your clothes is what we all do and need to do. If you want your clothes to look perfect, free of wrinkles and crispy then iron is the solution to it. However, there are many other devices and appliances that have become an alternative to ironing. Check out these best rated dry irons and choose with comfort. Dry irons at best rate are the first type of irons used and they were simple and easy to use. The complaint with these was that they were too heavy. Later on, this was resolved and on this day you can easily find all the lightweight and slim dry irons easily.

Dry irons are the basic model and there are no complications. So, basically, they are easy to use and lightweight too, now. They do not have a water tank, so you have to use a separate water sprayer. Not having a water tank is an advantage here. The water tank, on steam irons, sometimes start to spill watermarks on the clothes. This happens while you are ironing and the mark becomes permanent. You do not have to refill the tank after some time. If you set the temperature right and according to the clothes you are ironing then there is no problem. Have a look at these home appliances and do all of your home shopping

If you are looking to buy cheap dry irons and home appliances then come shop at plug n point. We have the best and cheapest home appliances here. All the products are genuine and verified by our team. Along with the deals and discounts, there are many other services that plug n point is offering you. Shop all that you like and use our home delivery service. This is applicable all over the UAE. This is the true online shopping getting products delivered to your doorstep. The customer care team is also here and ready to help you.


Iron your clothes to look sharp

Dry irons at economical prices are available in Dubai, UAE. Looking for a traditional iron, which can give you smooth, wrinkle-free clothes? You are in the right place. Plug n Point gives you an exclusive range of dry irons by top rated brands of the world.

Ironing is a vital laundry function. Most of us do it routinely. So, when have to do it regularly, why not to invest in good clothes iron to get the finest result. An efficient iron does not only press clothes quickly but allow you to show your best. Whether you have to appear in a job interview at your dream place or meet a party. Well pressed, wrinkle-free clothes leave the perfect first image on others. And of course, you not only iron clothes for professional purposes, but for parties and even in your daily routine.

Finely ironed clothes groom your personality; make you more chic and confident. They leave a pleasant impression on others just before you say anything to them. So, to help you appearing smarter and stylish Plug n Point brings a colossal collection of good dry clothes irons. These irons are highly functional and durable which bring great value to your life.

Dry irons are the basic version of irons, hence involve no complexity.  They are simple to use due to the absence of heavy functions which made them complex. They don’t include water tanks, so there is no chance of wicked smudges on your clothes. Owners of steam irons often face the trouble of water leakage. The flat, holeless plate of dry iron makes it efficient to heat clothes. These irons are more budget-friendly than steam irons but contain limited features. At our online store, you can find two types of dry irons i.e. gas iron and electric irons. Browse through our shelf and pick a dry iron of your choice to get nicely pressed clothes.