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Philips Satin Perfect Wet & Dry Epilator with Shaving Head HP6577

  • AED 472

Panasonic Wet and Dry Epilator ESEU10

  • AED 167

Panasonic Cordless Pink Epilator ESEU20

  • AED 188

Panasonic 7 in 1 Epilator ESED94

  • AED 472

Panasonic 5-in-1 48 Tweezers Epilator Built-In LED Light ESED70

  • AED 362

Panasonic 2-in-1 Female Epilator 24 Wide Efficient Tweezers ESWU31

  • AED 136

Braun Epiltaor SE 7921e

  • AED 436

Braun Epilator SE7-531

  • AED 247

Braun Epilator 5185

  • AED 168

Facial Epilator in store Online Emirates

Facial Epilator in store in Sharjah UAE. Women always remain keen about their grooming and cleanliness. They pass through various beauty procedures to look gorgeous and stylish. Hair removal is among them. For this purpose, they may use tweezers, shaving creams, waxing, epilators or some may also go through laser hair removal treatment. Epilating is one of the most convenient and fastest emerging hair removing method. Epilators are small electrical devices which are used to grab and pull out multiple hair simultaneously.

Facial hair removal Epilators are very useful devices which cut down the cost and effort required for other hair removal methods. You can easily remove your hair with an epilator easily in a small time. You don’t have to use an epilator repetitively on the same body part to pull hair out. The device is elegantly designed to take all the hair out in a single pass. And ladies, most importantly the hair will not grow back for weeks.

Usage of epilator is convenient and safe; you don’t suffer allergies or black spots if you use the epilator to remove hair. They are available in different colors, are compact and easily portable. You can use them anywhere as they don’t create a mess like waxing. Some females think that epilator will grow thicker hair; it is false. As epilators grab hair and take them off from the root, it results in thinner and less hair growth over the time.

Browse the category and explore the vast range of facial epilators from renowned brands, such as Philips, Remington, Braun, Panasonic, Babyliss and others.  You can watch dry, wet and dry and rechargeable battery epilators at PlugnPoint.