Food Warmers at lowes in Dubai,Sharjah,abu Dhabi

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Bosch Built In Warming Drawer Drinks and Food Warm Pre-Warming of Crockery BIC630NS1M

  • AED 3609

Hostess Food Warmer Trolley 3 Oven Proof Glass Dishes 410 Watts HL6232BS

  • AED 1950

Hostess Warming Drawer One Heated Top Compartment 3 Pyrex Glass Dishes Removable Dish Holder HL6232GO

  • AED 1900

Hostess Food Warmer Trolley Two Heated Inner Shelves Removable Dish Holder 410 Watts HL6232DB

  • AED 1900

Mr Plus Vacuum Flasks 900 ml Stainless Steel Polypropylene Lid MR904VF090

Mr Plus Stainless Steel 450 ml Vacuum Flask Polypropylene Lid MR 907VF045

Mr Plus Stainless Steel 350 ml Vacuum Flask Insulated MR 909VF035

Smeg Built-In Worming Drawer Push-Pull Mechanism Cortina Design 21 Liter CPR715P

Hostess Warming Drawer Trolley One Heated Top Compartment Removable Dish Holder 410 Watts HL6232BE

Siemens Warming Drawers Push And Pull Cool Door Length of Cable 150 CM 810 Watts BI630CNS1M

SMEG Warming Drawer 15 CM Height Classic Stainless Steel Suitable For Fitting Directly Beneath CPR315X

SMEG 15 CM Warming Drawer Dolce Stil Novo Non Slip Drawer Liner Reheating 400 Watts CPR615NR

Bosch Built-in Warming Drawer Stainless Steel With 5 Functions BID630NS1B

Siemens Warming Drawers Cool Door Length of Mains Cable 150 cm Push And Pull 810 Watts BI630DNS1M

Hostesss Buffet Server 3 Oven Proof Glass Dishes Toughened Glass Drop Down Door Fitted 13amp Plug HO392B

Mr Plus Vacuum Flasks 1 Liter Stainless Steel High Vacuum Sports Bottle Polypropylene Lid MR 905VF100

Food Cabinet Warmers at Best Prices buy in UAE

If you want to keep your food warm after it is cooked then you need to have a food warmer. Food warmers are the machines that you can use to save food in them so that it remains warm and like it is just cooked. These are very useful appliances which keep the food fresh and hot for you. These food warmers are available in different styles, categories, and ranges. Whether you are looking for drawers, trolleys, steam tables or flasks, just watch different categories and choose the product which meets your needs.

Add the selected product to cart, choose the payment method and start the countdown to get the product at your doorstep. Enjoy the fresh, cozy flavor of each bite with plug n point food warmers. Without changing their taste these can keep the food as is. If you want to keep the food fresh and hot, without changing their taste then these are the appliances for it. We have a huge collection of the best food warmers here, check them out and buy if you like. The prices are low and affordable while you get good quality appliances.

Choose your favorite food warmer or search for the one you are looking for. Plug n point has all the home and kitchen appliances available for cheap prices. Enjoy your food like it is fresh, rich of flavor even after it is cooked.