Best freestanding Air Conditioners in Emirates

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AED 4726


Super General Floor Standing Air Conditioner 4 Ton SGFS48HE

  • AED 0

Super General Floor Standing Air Conditioner 3 Ton SGFS36HE

  • AED 3938

Super General Floor Standing Air Conditioner 2 Ton SGFS24HE

  • AED 3479

Nikai Freestanding Air Conditioners NFAC60031N4

  • AED 0

Nikai Freestanding Air Conditioners NFAC48031N4

  • AED 4726

Best free standing ac units in Dubai UAE

Floor standing air conditioners are perfect for the places where there is no free available window, wall or ceiling space to install an air conditioner. These ACs are more costly than wall fitted ACs, however, their installation is easier and almost free than wall mounted air conditioners. They cool down the rooms at a fast speed as compared to split and portable ACs.Floor standing air conditioners are equally effective to cool large rooms, hotels and cafes.

These units are easy to locate and relocate. There is no rocket science in their installation. If you have a small living space, then a portable AC is for you.