French Door Refrigerators best buy in Dubai ,Sharjah

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AED 3750
AED 4800



Sharp 4 Door New Double French Refrigerator SJ-FP85V-BK3

  • AED 3750

Hoover 630 Liter French Door Fridge Frost Free Silver HFD536L-S

  • AED 4800

Buy French Door Refrigerator at Economical Prices in Sharjah Emirates

Buy French Door Refrigerator in Dubai at best and affordable prices. French door refrigerators keep your food fresh with a style. They give an elegant aesthetic to your interior. Some of them are available in three doors, while others contain four doors. They have two doors for their upper portion, but some such units contain single door while others have two doors for the freezer. Just as the bottom mount fridge, the lower third portion of French door frigerators is allocated for the freezer. Their large size makes them a heavy amount of energy consuming home appliance.  They are the most expensive among all types of fridges. If top or bottom mounted refrigerators are not enough to cater the needs of your large family, then French Door Fridges are the ultimate option for you. They won’t only fulfil your storage requirements, but will also add chic to your modern kitchen products.