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AED 5313


Bosch Front Load Washing Machine 9 Kg With Eco Stain Removal Temperature Control WAW32560GC

  • AED 5313

Bosch Front Load Washing Machine 9 Kg With LED Display Touch Touch Control Buttons On/Off WAW3256XGC

  • AED 5051

LG Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine 14 Kg WC1408WH

  • AED 4750

Front Load Washing Machine F4V5RYP2T

  • AED 3199

Samsung Front Load Washing Machine 7 Kg Bubble Tech Interior Drum Light WD70K54100S

  • AED 3117

Hitachi Front Load Washing Machine 9 Kg Digital Display BD90YAV3CGXWH

  • AED 3085

Panasonic 12 Kg Washer And 8Kg Dryer NAS128M2L

  • AED 2899

Candy Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine 9 Kg GVF1413TWHC7

  • AED 2748

Terim Front Load Washer and Dryer 8 Kg and 6 Kg Multi Programs TERWD8614

  • AED 2567

LG Best Quality Front Load Washing Machine F4V5VYP2T

  • AED 2449

LG Front Load Washer 9 kg F4V5VYP0W

  • AED 2349

Hitachi Front Load Washing Machine 16 Washing Program BDW75AAE3CGXWH

  • AED 2299

LG Front Load Washing Machine 8 Kg Child Lock F4J5TNP7S

  • AED 2204

LG 8.5 Kg Front Load Washing Machine F2V5GYP2T

  • AED 2199

LG Front Load Washing Machine 7 Kg Fully Automatic Less Vibration Smart Diagnosis F2J5QNP7S

  • AED 2193

Ariston 11 Kg Front Load Washing Machine RPD11657DSXGCC

  • AED 2150

LG Front Load Washer F2V5GYP0W

  • AED 2099

LG Front Load Washing Machine 8 Kg Stainless Steel Scrub,Stepping,Tumble Durability FH4G7TDY5

  • AED 2099

Samsung Front Load Washing Machine WA12N6780CV

  • AED 2010

Candy Washer Dryer ROW412596DWMC-19

  • AED 1999

Energy efficient Front Load Washing Machine best buy in Sharjah

If you are looking for a washing machine that is good then come at plug n point. We are selling you the best front loading washing machines that you can buy at cheap rates. These washing machines are from all the top international and local brands. Check out this mix collection of Front and Top Loading washing machines. Here we have every type and size of the washing machine for you.

There are two basic types of washing machines the top loading washing machine and the other one is a front loading washing machine. Here at plug n point, we have both types available for you. If you are specifically looking for Top Loading Washing Machines then check out this collection of washing machines that we have. Top loaders are cheap as compared to other. Top loading washing machines can wash more clothes than the front loader but at the same, they are using more water too.

The Front Loading Washing Machines are a little expensive as compared to the top loading ones and use more time to wash. The capacity of these is also low. However, the benefits that you will get from these are enough to go for it. They create less lint, the wash speed is more, and you can stack them on top of each other. Because of the stack option, you can store these even if you have less space.

The latest and new technology, these are the Washer Dryers. You just have to put the clothes, detergent, and water in there the rest is on the machine. If you have a washing machine and are just looking for a dryer then go check out these Dryers that we have. front loading washing machines are the best and available at low rates.

Front Load Washing Machine

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