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Super General Garment Steamer 2.5 Liter 1230-1470 Watts SGGS01MC

  • AED 204

Super General Garment Steamer 1.6 Liter 1640 Watts SGGS06DC

  • AED 310

Philips Garment Steamer Refill Any Time Heat Up Time 1 Minute Powerful Continuous Steam 1600 Watts GC502/36

  • AED 0

Panasonic Garment Steamer 1600 ML Tank 3 Levels Garment Steamer NI GSD051

  • AED 0

Panasonic Garment Steamer 1500 Watts Anti-Calcium System High-Temperature Steam NI GSD071

  • AED 0

Nobel Garment Steamer 1.3 Liter Stable Up to 6 Garments NGS15

  • AED 0

Nobel Garment Steamer 1.3 Liter Auto Shut Off 1750 Watts NGS25

  • AED 0

Nikai Hand Garment Steamer 1000W 330L NGS88H

  • AED 0

Nikai Garment Steamer Water Wash Valve Anti-Slip Foot Wheel Extendable Aluminium Hook 1600 Watts NGS566

  • AED 225

Nikai Garment Steamer Suit Hanger System Extendable Aluminium Hook 1800 Watts NGS566A

  • AED 225

Nikai Garment Steamer 2000W 2L NGS892AB

  • AED 0

Mr Plus Garment Steamer Powerful Burst of Steam Double Indicators Water Volume Folding And Strong MR2730

  • AED 271

Midea 3 Liter Water Tank Garment Steamer Double Pole Dual Temperature Protection MYGJ30A4W

  • AED 313

Midea 1-5 Liter Garment Steamer Digital Display Auto-Shut Off Aluminum Pole Self Cleaning 1500 Watts MYGD15C2W

  • AED 284

Geepas Garment Steamer Water Tank 1 Liter 1260-1500 Watts GGS9690

  • AED 243

Geepas Garment Steamer GGS9691

  • AED 365

Frigidaire Garment Steamer Roller Caster For Easy Movement Steam Out in Less Than 45 Second 1500 Watts FD1174

  • AED 0

ClikOn Garment Steamer Variable Steam Production Levels Anti-Coagulation Design 1800 Watts CK4028

  • AED 0

ClikOn Garment Steamer Ergonomic Foot Pedal Power Switch Heat Insulated Hose 1630 Watts CK4009

  • AED 0

ClikOn Garment Steamer Convenient Transparent Detachable Water Tank Collapsable Locking Hanger CK4027

  • AED 0

The best garment steamer buy online 2020

Steamers for garment is also known as cloth steamers is the device used to remove creases and wrinkles from clothes and fabrics while they are hanging. You do not have to lay it down on a press stand or some table to get those wrinkles gone. The steamer emits high heated steam which removes wrinkles and odors from the clothes. The steam infiltrates the fabrics and relaxes the threads and thus the wrinkles and creases are gone. The fact that it removes wrinkles faster than an iron can ever can is the reason behind its success and so much popularity. Steamer iron can ever be used of delicate and gentle fabrics like silk and wool. Also, these steamers are gentle on fabrics so they last longer.

Following are some of the main features of steamers that are available at plug n point.

  • Temperature control knob
  • Different settings for the type of fabrics
  • Water tank
  • Steam function
  • Cloth hanger
  • Caster wheels
  • Crease out
  • More water capacity
  • Transparent water tank, so can fill it in time
  • Burst steam for stubborn creases
  • Continuous steaming
  • Extendable hook
  • Anti-slip feet
  • Auto shut off
  • Switch control
  • Self-cleaning
  • Sturdy and solid built hanger
  • Dry protection

Fabric steamers are the modern alternative to ironing. You can save time with these steamers. The basic and only reason, according to us, to iron out our clothes is to remove the wrinkles and creases, if you can do the same thing in less time and effort with a device then why not have that. With cloth steamers you have less chances of burning and ruining fabrics like silk and velvet. It is convenient to use and has a hanger. It is lightweight.

There are some drawbacks to using the garment steamers too. If you love that sharp crispy look then steamers are not for you. Thick fabrics are harder to crease out. If you are about to steam out a week’s worth cloths then steamer would require refilling after time to time.

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