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Gas Hobs

Gas hobs are not the latest and up to date technology and kitchen appliance, but they are enough popular. Gas hob is the most and vastly used hobs all over the world. Get the best hobs gas and others too at the best price. We have all the genuine and original products that are available at affordable prices. Gas hobs are powerful and cook your food faster as compared to others. These hobs are often chosen over others. These days there are many alternatives to gas like induction, electric, gas on inductions and more but if you look professionals most of them are still using gas one.

After the invention of induction and electric hobs the importance of gas cooktop in the home kitchens was reduced. However after some time gas stove again started to gain popularity. The gas stoves we have here are incredibly efficient and stylish as well as these cook fast. The fast result in cooking is because the flame gets in direct contact with the pan in which you are cooking and thus heats quickly. If you were about to redesign your kitchen or we in search for a new hob or stove plug n point offers you gas hobs.

Electric hobs and stoves take longer to heat up and similarly takes more time to cool back down. With gas you do not have this issue, you get heat as soon as you put the flames on. But on the other side of the picture, flames completely shut off but the holder on which your utensil was placed take a little time to cool down. The quick, instant and high heat lets you cook in less time. Other benefits of gas stoves include less time spent in the kitchen and scorching heat. Standing only near heat in summers is mission in itself.

You have complete control over the flames and the heat. Turning knobs are provided at the front for your ease. Most of the larger gas hobs come with five burners while some have four too. One of these burners is for fast cooking and large pans. Some of the smaller versions also have three and two burners. The hobs with two and three burners are ideal for smaller families or personal use.