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AED 2049


Gorenje Built In Gas Hob GW9C51X

  • AED 2049

Ariston Gas Hob Child Lock 90 cm Stainless Steel Cast Iron 5 Cooking Zones 11.5 KW PK951TGH

  • AED 1730

Baumatic 5 Burner Gas Hob BMEH9GGSS

  • AED 1625

Gorenje 5 Gas Built In Hob GW961-UXB

  • AED 1575

Gorenje Best Quality Built In Gas Hob GW951MB

  • AED 1549

Baumatic 90cm Built-in Gas Hob 5 Burners BMEH9GFSS

  • AED 1499

Gorenje Built In Gas Hob Glass Ceramic 2 Gas Burner GC341UC

  • AED 1461

Baumatic Stainless Steel 5 Gas Burner BMEH9GSS

  • AED 1449

Gorenje Gas Hobs GW641X

  • AED 1349

Baumatic Best Quailty 4 Burnes Gas Hob BMEH6GBLSS

  • AED 1299

Baumatic 38cm Single Burner Gas Hob BMEH381G

  • AED 1249

Gorenje 4 Gas Burner Hob Safety Function Cast Iron Grid GW641UX

  • AED 1219

Baumatic Gas Hob 4 Burner 60cm Stainless Steel BMEH6GFSS

  • AED 1149

Baumatic 60 Cm 4 burners Gas Hob BMEH6GSS

  • AED 1100

Midea Built-in Gas Hob 1 Triple Burner Cast iron Pan Support 60G40ME087SFT

  • AED 977

Midea Built-in Gas Hob 4 Burner Cast iron Pan Support 60G40ME005SFN

  • AED 918

Baumatic 30 Cm Double Gas Hob BMEH3GSS

  • AED 749

Elekta 5 Burners Built In Gas Hobs EGC-B508GB

  • AED 625

Elekta 4 Burner Built-in Tempered Glass Gas Hob EGC-B507GB

  • AED 480

Silver Line Hob Stainless Steel Built In Auto Ignition Iron Pan Cast Iron Pan Supports 3000 Watts AS5275

  • AED 475

Prices of Gas Hobs 2021 in all over the UAE

Gas hobs are not the latest and up to date technology and Kitchen Appliance, but they are enough popular. Gas hob is the most and vastly used hobs all over the world. Get the best 5 burner hobs gas and others too at the best price. We have all the genuine and original products that are available at affordable prices. Gas 5 burner hobs are powerful and cook your food faster as compared to others. These hobs are often chosen over others. These days there are many alternatives to gas like induction, electric, gas on inductions and more but if you look professionals most of them are still using gas one.

After the invention of induction and electric hobs the importance of gas cooktop in the home kitchens was reduced. However after some time gas stove again started to gain popularity. The Gas Stoves we have here are incredibly efficient and stylish as well as these cook fast. The fast result in cooking is because the flame gets in direct contact with the pan in which you are cooking and thus heats quickly. If you were about to redesign your kitchen or we in search for a new hob or stove plug n point offers you gas hobs.

Electric hobs and stoves take longer to heat up and similarly takes more time to cool back down. With gas you do not have this issue, you get heat as soon as you put the flames on. But on the other side of the picture, flames completely shut off but the holder on which your utensil was placed take a little time to cool down. The quick, instant and high heat lets you cook in less time. Other benefits of Gas Stoves include less time spent in the kitchen and scorching heat. Standing only near heat in summers is mission in itself.

You have complete control over the flames and the heat. Turning knobs are provided at the front for your ease. Most of the larger gas hobs come with five burners while some have four too. One of these burners is for fast cooking and large pans. Some of the smaller versions also have three and two burners. The hobs with two and three burners are ideal for smaller families or personal use.

Food is one of the main parts of everyone's life, and cooking is a major part of the food. There are different kinds of hobs that are available in the market of UAE and how they affect your food cooking skills. The UAE is a region that is enriched with minerals like natural gas so almost 90 percent of families in this region use gas hobs to cook food. 

Gas Hobs in UAE are one of the common cooking vessels and people are used to them. Different companies in UAE are manufacturing gas hobs and improving their fire burning mechanisms. A gas hob in the UAE is an important part of daily life. There are multiple types of gas hobs available in the market and we are going to give you details about all of them. 

  • Simple gas hobs

It is one of the most common choices for home cooks. This is a type of hob in which the heat is visible and you get the idea for how much time you have to cook your food on it. Simple gas hobs work on gas and it has a simple mechanism to control the heat. With each cooking vessel, you get a knob from which you can control the temprature of the gas hob. These gas hobs are cheap and very easy to find in the market. Usually, Gas Hobs Dubai is very easy to clean and doesn’t take too much time. They have ideally one of the high powered burners. You just need the assistant of a professional to install the gas supply in this type of gas hobs for the first time. 

  • Gas on glass hobs

This is another kind of gas hobs that are becoming popular in the UAE region. These gas hobs in Sharjah are for those professional cooks who don’t want any mess around them. In this type of gas hobs, the burner is underneath a glass which helps you to clean the surface very easily. You will never get the efficiency of electric glass hobs but after a few moments, you will get good heat and proper control over it through knobs. 

  • Gas ceramic hobs

In this type of Sharjah gas hobs, the gas burners are also embedded underneath the glass surface. These gas hobs have some safety measurements which prevent ceramic glass to overheat. These types of gas hobs in UAE are very secure to use and easy to clean as well. 

Things to consider when buying one

Here are some of the things that you have to consider while buying a gas hob for yourself in UAE. 

1. Does it have a safety lock to make it childproof?

2. Does it have an option to accommodate a fish kettle?

3. A good gas hob in Abu Dhabi has a different temperature, low for simmering and high for quick charring or quick-cooking. 

4. Does it have the option to remove its parts for easy clean?

5. How efficient is your Dubai gas hobs in cooking food for a big party?

Where to buy a good Gas Hob

There are multiple ways to find a good gas hob in UAE. Different companies have their own type of gas hobs available in the Dubai market and you can go on these markets to get one for yourself. On the other hand, if you don’t want to go and search for a gas hob for yourself there is always a choice to find a good one online. There are many online stores in the UAE which have good gas hobs like PlugnPoint. You can find different variety of gas hobs on these online stores at drastically different price points. So what are you waiting for get your gas hob on sale right now? 

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