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BBQ Grill | Grill Plates Buy in UAE 2021

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AED 492


Bosch Contact Grill Three Positions Non Stick Plates TFB4402GB

  • AED 492

Bosch 3-in-1 Contact Grill Big Barbecue Surface TFB3302GB

  • AED 387

Black & Decker Contact Grill CG2000-B5

  • AED 275

Kenwood Contact Grill HGM50

  • AED 225

Black and Decker Grill Waffle Maker Easy Clean Non-Stick GM1750

  • AED 195

Nikai Grill Plate NG543N1

  • AED 149

Nikai Portable Non-Stick Grill NGT928A

  • AED 145

Sonashi Contact Grill SGT854

  • AED 139

Saachi Waffle Maker With Square Grid Design NL-WM-1562

  • AED 99

Palson Electric Grill Plate 30576

Palson Electric Grill Plate 30950

Palson Grill Plate Smooth Non Stick And Adjustable Thermostat Grease Collection Tray 2000 Watts 30456

ClikOn Contact Grill With Oil Pan Non-Stick Smoke Free 1500 Watts CK2405

ClikOn Contact Grill Non-Stick Stainless Steel 2100 Watts CK2406

ClikOn Grill Toaster With Oil Tray SS Cover With Stainless Steel Top Cover Non Stick Coated Baking Plate 750 Watts CK2410

Best BBQ Grill | Grill Plates Buy in UAE 2021

Small grill plates cooking has been here for a long time now. There are a lot of grill plates for oven here at plug n point. You get all the grill plates you want at the low price and better quality products at plug n point. We also offer a home delivery service. Plug n point also has many different deals on a variety of Home Appliances. Here you have the option to choose from different products. Browse our category of grills and choose the best ones. Compare the prices and features of the once you want to buy, then get the best fit according to your cooking habits and needs.

There is a lot of grill plate for gas grill types like stainless steel, cast iron and many more. First off you won’t notice a big difference. However, three are some of the factors that can help you choose the best one. Performance, placement, price are the main factors that you should keep in mind before buying grill plates. But the question arises that what and how these things can be measured?

Different people have a different perception of things and definitions. Same is the case for the grill plate’s performance. It can and probably the meaning is diverse. How better it conducts the heat? Do you want your grill to last? Do you clean it every time after cooking or is it okay to be a little dirty? Mostly the Cooking Grills are made of aluminum sheet metal and iron or stainless steel. But you have to be careful because the quality of all the stainless steels is not the same. You will find all the above types of grills but it is best if you can buy one made of stainless steel completely.

Small grill plates

The placement is an important thing that most of people oversee and regret later. By placement, we mean that the grill plates should fit the top of your stand or stove, the place where you are going to place it when cooking. Always check for durability. Good quality Small Grill Plates are typically a combination of iron and steel. The last but not the least thing is the price! How much are you willing to pay? It is obvious that the more money you add the more features you get.

The next word is which is better stainless steel or cast iron? If you ever had a barbeque party at your house there is a high chance that your friends have asked you or given you some tips regarding the grill plates. And if you have you must have heard the names: cast iron grill and stainless steel grills. There are a lot of factors and benefits of both. But in the end, you have to make your own decision. Choose carefully and buy grill plates from plug n point.

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