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Haier Single Door Refrigerator HRD190W

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Haier Refrigerator Prices Haier Small Refrigerator in Dubai UAE

Haier Refrigerator Prices are resonable at PlugnPointShop your favorite Haier refrigerator at the lowest price in UAE. PlugnPoint is the number 1 online marketplace to buy Haier small refrigerator and freezers. We have the widest assortment of products in our Haier store. Just browse and choose your ideal Haier refrigerator to experience inspired living.

Haier is a Chinese multinational electronics manufacturer which is known in the world for its home appliances. The brand was founded thirty four years ago, 1984, in Qindago, China. Meeting consumer satisfaction by every possible mean is the strategy of brand. Haier produces a vast range of technologically advanced products which bring comfort in lives.

Haier 2 door refrigerators are incredibly one of finest refrigerators in the world. They come in various styles, sizes and capacities, meeting the needs of customers from all niches and backgrounds. The brand gives you numerous options depending upon your place and storage capacity. For a very compact place, you may buy a single or double door Haier mini refrigerator.

If have a small place, but need a broad room, you may buy a top mount fridge or a bottom mount refrigerator. Haier top/bottom mount refrigerators are slim and sleek and adorable with multiple doors and various storage bins. They are equipped with the latest technology for maximum efficiency. Haier, even experimented with world’s most typical top mount fridges. Adding them an LED temperature control and display, turbo cooling, frost free cooling system and multi air flow, the brand gives them a sophisticated structure. Haier French Door and Side by Side series are the ideal match for your alluring homes. They provide expansive space to easily store your meals, fruits, vegetables, frozen treats and drinks in a single machine. Haier refrigerators give multiple moist control options to keep your veggies and fruits fresh and healthy for a long time.

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Compare for the features, size, efficiency and features of a fridge beforehand buying. When you go to buy a refrigerator, you get to choose from a variety of brands, types and features. So here we are giving you the same choice. Plug n point offers you its enormous collection of refrigerators. Choose from variety of brands, types an features. Compare the prices and functions of each HAIER refrigerator and buy the best one you like. We will deliver your order to your home anywhere in UAE within a day. You do not have to be troubled because all of the products here are completely genuine and original. We only sell original products because we care. It is better to know what size of fridge you would need. You can simply determine this by knowing the size of refrigerator you have and then you can opt for a bigger size or a smaller one.


The style of refrigerator you choose should be according to your needs. You can obviously choose one according to your taste. There are plenty of refrigerator types, top freezer, bottom freezer, side by side, French door, mini, single door (only refrigerator and no freezer). Choose the one you think is better for you. Top freezer refrigerators are the traditional style and most of the people still for this style and type of fridge. There is a reason why they are still so much in demand, because of it performance and reliability. Top freezer refrigerators are much less expensive and energy efficient. Because of the space, it provides you can easily store leftovers in there. The downside is that this style is not much attractive. Bottom freezer refrigerators are the opposite of top freezer in style and the rest features and functions are same. Bottom freezer fridges are energy efficient some say they are more efficient than top freezer. The rest is same.


Side by side, refrigerators were introduced in 1650s' but they did not become popular until a year later. They do not have top or bottom freezer, instead the freezer is on the left side and the complete right side is for refrigerator. This convenient style of placing items in fridge is easy and you can find them later effortlessly. They are usually slim than top and bottom freezer type. Other than being more expensive these are also not good for storing big sized utensils. French doors came in at the end of 1999 and almost since then they became the trend. Two doors, pullout drawer freezer, wide shelves, built in water dispenser and icemaker are some of many features. There is a down side too, they are very expensive and offer less usable storage space.