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AED 130
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Sencor Halogen Oven SHM330

  • AED 130

Crownline 1200W Airwave Oven Ao156

  • AED 490

Where to buy combo halogen oven online in Sharjah UAE

Where to buy halogen oven online in united arab emirates.? Want to cook speedily with a very low amount of oil or ghee? Opt for a halogen oven! It combines the feature of conventional ovens and cookers. These ovens use halogen light to produce heat, which then spreads in the oven via fan. Halogen Ovens are also known as Airwave Ovens. They cook food thrice as fast as conventional ovens, with relatively less energy consumption. You can cook every type of meal, from fry to roast and grill in these ovens in a small time without compromising on your diet plan. These ovens are inexpensive and portable. They come in various capacities i.e. 12L, 17L and many more.

Look around the category and choose ideal oven for your kitchen appliancesl. Enjoy fast cooking experience with PlugnPoint halogen ovens.