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Midea Halogen Heather 3 Heat Setting 800 Watt NSC8

  • AED 284

Midea Fan Heater White With Indicator Light 2 Heat Setting 1800 Setting NFP20BS

  • AED 284

Midea Fan Heater Mechanical Control 2 Heat Setting 2000 Watt NT2012A

  • AED 284

Midea Fan Heater Portable Ceramic Thermostat Control 2 Heat Setting NT2012D

  • AED 284

Midea Oil Radiator Heater With Safety Fuse Built-in Safety Tip-Over Switch Temperature Control 2200 Watts NY22ERF11L

  • AED 284

Midea Oil Radiator Heater 3 Heat Settings Thermal Fuse For Safety Built in Safety Tip Over Switch NY22EC11L

  • AED 284

Sanford Carbon Room Heater SF1281CRH

  • AED 249

Sanford Room Heater SF1221RH

  • AED 239

Sanford 2 Carbon Fiber Tube Room Heater SF1282CRH

  • AED 175

Sanford Room Heater SF1229RH

  • AED 149

Sanford Best Quality Carbon Room Heater SF1286CRH

  • AED 139

Sanford Fan Heater SF1202RH

  • AED 85

Sonashi Quartz Halogen Heater SQH-3000

  • AED 75

Geepas Quartz Heater GQH9105

  • AED 65

ClikOn Room Heater Anti-Fire Material Wide Angle Heat Reflector Carry Handle 600 Watts CK4208

ClikOn Fan Heater CK4216

ClikOn Room Heater CK4209

ClikOn Room Heater Two Power Selection Four Tubes of Quartz Heating Element 1500 Watts CK4207

ClikOn Room Heater Wheel For Moving Safety Switch Wheel For Moving Quartz Heating Element 2200 Watts CK4206

ClikOn Room Heater Electric Heater 4 Quartz Tube Wide Angle Heat Reflectors 2200 Watts CK4205

Electric Heaters in Abu Dhabi UAE 2021

Who does not love heaters in winters? Would you not love to have a heater at your home and get warm and safe from the cold? If you are looking for such a thing then have a look at the heater that we have brought today. These heaters are portable and perfect for your homes. There are lots of different types and models that you can choose from. These heaters are safe and you have nothing to worry about. If you have children or/and pets at home when these heaters are a good solution. Want to buy some more home appliances. Have a look at these Home Appliances and get all the items you want at your home.

No smoke is produced by these convector heaters and they are totally safe to touch. So, they are absolutely safe to use. No matter how high the temperature is or for how much time they are running it would be still safe to touch these. If you accidentally touch these you will not be hurt by the heat. Electric and halogen heaters do not produce any heat so they are great to use indoors and eco-friendly along with that they do not have any health hazards. Among all the electric heaters these are the best ones and the most energy efficient.

Best Heaters

Best Heaters at PlugnPoint:

The lightweight and high portability of these along with safe touch these convector heaters are over all the best choice for you. Carrying these from one place to another is very easy and a piece of cake. All these benefits make one think that these heaters are expensive! Well, this is not the case with these. All the heaters and other items at plug n point are cheap and of the best quality. You can shop all you want and get the items delivered to your house with our home delivery service. Electric heaters are important to warm our winter. PlugnPoint offers you an exclusive variety of heaters at the best price in UAE.

Explore electric heaters from top brands such as Black and Decker, Geepas, Midea Electric Heater, Clikon Heaters, and others and keep yourself warm during chilly winters. Electric Heaters are the necessity of chilly days. They keep you warm and active throughout the winter season and allow you to enjoy the glory of cold weather without paralyzing your life. Whether you are looking for a portable heater, fan heater, baseboard heaters, wall mounted electric heaters, we provide all. Look into the category and find your favorite heater at the best price at PlugnPoint. We pledge to provide high-quality home appliances and electronic products at cheapest rates in UAE. 

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