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Hitachi 42 Liters Functions 4 Shifts Heating Element Stainless Steel With Rotisserie Function HTOG42

  • AED 261

Hitachi 30 Liters Door Glass Functions 4 Shifts Double Door Glass With Rotisserie Function HTOG30

  • AED 313

Hitachi 30 Liter Electric Oven HOTG 30

  • AED 314

Hitachi 1800W Electric Oven 42 Liters HOTG42

  • AED 377

Hitachi 52 Liters Functions 4 Shifts With Rotisserie Function Heating Element Stainless Steel HTOG52

  • AED 481

Hitachi Electric Oven Flame Failure Device 120 min Timer Limit 2000 Watts HOTG-52

  • AED 482

Hitachi Electric Oven Cheap Electric oven Sharjah Dubai UAE

Hitachi Electric Oven is best in its performance and qualityEvery time you go out in the market with the intension of buying a new Hitachi oven no matter what type, you can't avoid the condition where you have to choose between different oven types and models. According to some people what might be the best thing for you it might not be the same. Everyone has their own opinion and have all the rights to think so. If you do not have a gas line for your home then Hitachi Cheap electric oven is the best and second option. Getting a gas line installed is so much costly. If you are tired of your gas oven then switching to electric is also paramount alternative for you. Plug n point gives you the freedom of choosing from our latest electric ovens and wide ranged collection of best electric ovens by Hitachi.


The oven is the most important cooking appliance in your kitchen. For some people it might come second to the cook top they have and for others it is the first priority. Here many different electric ovens are available, but choosing one can be hard. To ease you up on this job here are some benefits that an electric oven gets you. Beneficial if your kitchen is prewired for electric oven. These ovens are generally cheaper and easy to install. The changing market trend sometimes causes one to rise and other to fall in terms of price. Precise temperature control every time you cook. Hitachi mini electric oven have a fan so the heat produced is more evenly distributed. The steam convection oven gives dishes the amount of moisture they need. They are best for roasting and baking.


The pre heat function helps a lot when baking different dishes. Following are the main key features for electric ovens.


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