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Hitachi French door Refrigerators

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Hitachi French Door Refrigerator RW760PUK7GBK

  • AED 3450

Hitachi French Door Refrigerator RW760PUK7GBK

  • AED 3450

Hitachi French Door Refrigerator RW760PUK7GBK

  • AED 3450

Hitachi French Door Refrigerator RW760PUK7GBK

  • AED 3450

Hitachi French Door Refrigerator RW760PUK7GBK

  • AED 3450

Hitachi French door Refrigerators Hitachi Cheap French Door Dubai, Sharjah

Hitachi French door Refrigerators  are best If you are tired of your old refrigerator, or if you had just enough repairing it again and again. Maybe you are buying a new Hitachi refrigerator for your new house! On the other hand, you just may be you are in the market you a new one! Whatever the reason may be, you are buying a new refrigerator. The decision that you have to make is intimidating, especially when there a lot of options. Plug n point is presenting you the most advanced and low budget French door refrigerators. French door refrigerators are one of the most popular ones since they were first introduced. The reason is its style and the way it is designed. But these are not designed for every type of people so you might want to read this before buying.


Plug n point brings you the best quality French door refrigerators by Hitachi at low and inexpensive prices. We care for you that is why we are offering the best to you. All the products that are available here are from multinational brands and are completely genuine. Get the items and products you want at plug n point, and we will deliver them to you with our fast home delivery. Take advantage of all amazing discounts and deals, which are available at plug n point from time to time and on occasions too. If you live in a corner somewhere, we deliver all across the country as well, so you noting to worry about.


Here are some of the main key points and features of the best French door refrigerators.

·         Easy to use

·         Easily reach able items

·         Spacious

·         Aesthetics

·         Place items where you can see them

·         Organized

·         Adjustable shelves

·         Cheaper than many but expensive than top mount (usually)

·         Two doors

·         Swing opening refrigerator doors

·         Bottom freezer compartment

·         Drawer type freezer

·         Easy to clean

·         Fewer handles to clean

·         Small footprint

·         Needs less space because of the doors

·         Style statement

·         Advanced technology

·         Quick cool technology


The big freezer section and drawer type freezer allows you to store more and frees you from the constant bending and finding items in the back. There are can and bottle holders and you can also have different sections for items as well. The idea was that freezers are frequently used and many times people have to search for items under load of frozen things. The side by side doors open to reveal the refrigerator and the compartment is wide enough for storing almost all things except large containers or large sized pizza. They are more of a style statement and add more beauty to your kitchen and home.

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