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Hitachi Citrus and Extractor Juicer SS Anti Drip Spout HJE900P

Hitachi Citrus and Extractor Juicer SS Anti Drip Spout HJE900P

Hitachi Citrus Juicer 600 ml 2 Juice Cones Easy to Clean HJC40P

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Efficient Hitachi juicers are on hand for you to buy at plug n point, in order that you can make your morning complete with ease and no difficulty by making juices, purees, smoothies and whatever you want. To be healthier you have to eat and drink healthy. Especially the drink you have, first thing in the morning, matters a lot, therefore it should be very healthy. How much amount of vegetables you have on a daily basis? If you are true with yourself then you might be eating the right and benefit amount. For the rest of the people, which is almost all of us, we are not eating the recommended servings of vegetables every day.


The reason for this problem is we are busy, very busy in our daily life that we do not even have the time to eat. This is the moment when juicing changed the lifestyle and way of having vegetables in our metabolism. Juicing vegetables gets you all the vitamins and minerals just in the quick and easy way. You do not have to cook them and you get the concentrated amount. it increases your fruit and vegetable intake. Is highly concentrated. But you will miss on the fiber. The features of Hitachi juicers.

·         Stainless steel blades

·         Easy to operate

·         Easy to clean

·         Filter to store the residues

·         Dust cover

·         Dishwasher safe

·         Elegant design

·         Plastic body

·         Strong body material

·         Portable and lightweight

·         Power control

·         Ejecting pump

·         Non slip feet

·         Pulse option

·         Centrifugal type

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