New collection of Hitachi LED TVs 2019 Dubai

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Hitachi LED TV 32 inch HD Ready Smart LED TV Dynamic Contrast Dolby Audio LD32HTS01H-CO

  • AED 765

Hitachi 32 inch Full HD Smart LED TV LD43HTS01F-CO

  • AED 1153

Hitachi LED TV 49 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Dual Core CPU RAM 1.5GB LD49HTS04U-CO

  • AED 1678

Hitachi 55 Inch Ultra HD LED55HTS02U-CO

  • AED 2413

Hitachi 55 Inch 4K UHD LED Smart TV LD55HTS02UCO4K

  • AED 2414

Hitachi LED 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart 3 HDMI Slots Android 5.1 Operating System LED65HTS02U-CO

  • AED 4723

Hitachi 65 Inches 4K UHD LED Smart LD65HTS02UCO

  • AED 4724

Hitachi new Led TV price in best store 2019 Dubai UAE

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Hitachi 42 inch led tv instead of having a standard cold cathode fluorescent light or more commonly known as cathode ray tube they have light emitting diode thus the name LED TV.  LED TVs became more popular with last year Samsung's release of ultra thin LED TV. But they were available for people to buy since 2007. There are two types of led configurations! Initially LED TVs used to have the full array of led that lights up the screen and displays the picture. Then to create thinner, thinner LED TV engineers had to remove the additional sheet or led light. They thought to move it to the edges. This set of led to the edges became to be known as edge-lit LED TV. Mostly these types of best Hitachi LED TVs are available to us today.


Following are some of the main features of LED TV by Hitachi.

·         LED TV is thin and lightweight

·         They offer connectivity with more devices

·         HDMI connection ports

·         UBS ports

·         More vivid colors

·         Detailed pictures and videos

·         Long shelf life than other TV

·         More color information

·         Improved black levels

·         Great viewing angles

·         Thin bezels

·         Larger display size than CRT TV

·         Brightness and contrast control

·         Language settings

·         Timer control

·         High resolution output quality

·         HDD recording

·         Different modes like gaming, sports, and regular

·         Cinema sound

·         Remote control

·         Wide color spectrum