Latest Hitachi Refrigerators at Cheap Rates in UAE 2019

9 Products


Hitachi Refrigerator RH330PUK4

  • AED 1363

Hitachi Refrigerator RV400PUK3K

  • AED 1731

Hitachi Refrigerator RVG400PUK3G

  • AED 1993

Hitachi Refrigerator RV540PUK3K

  • AED 2413

Hitachi Refrigerator RVG540PUK3

  • AED 2623

Hitachi Refrigerator RVG610PUK3

  • AED 3043

Hitachi Refrigerators RV720PUK1KTWH

  • AED 3359

Hitachi Refrigerators RV910PUK1KXINX

  • AED 3779

Hitachi Refrigerator RW910PUK4

  • AED 5038

Hitachi refrigerator prices 2019 in Dubai UAE

Hitachi Refrigerator Prices varies in different states of UAE. Looking for a refrigerator? Overwhelmed by the selection range? Still could not find something you like? Then look for it no more because your search has been ended! Plug n point is the place where all the original and top quality brands can be bought at low and affordable prices. Accompanying the low prices is the humungous collections of latest Hitachi refrigerator that you would like and find suitable according to your needs. To buy all that you want you can visit our website online and shop there or visit our stores in person. We always care for you and always will, so our customer care team is always at your disposal and ready to help you whenever you are in need for assistance. 


All the home appliances offered to you at plug n point, are genuine and from their genuine manufacturers. We also have the facility of home delivery so that all you have to worry about is shopping at plug n point, and the rest issues are ours. Also, you do not have to worry about where ever you live, since we deliver all across the country it will not be a problem. Shop the best refrigerator from our collection of best quality Hitachi refrigerator UAE. We have all the varieties and types of refrigerator's sizes and features. But to get the best refrigerator for your home, we are going to help. There are a few things you want to keep in the notice before making the final decision. The first and foremost thing is your kitchen space! How much do you have? Buy a refrigerator that would leave a few inches around it. This is IMPORTANT, what are your consumption habits? Do you consume fresh food more, like fruits and vegetables? If you are the type of person who likes to prepare meals to form fresh vegetables? Bottom mount refrigerator is the right choice in the above cases. If you freeze things more and cook meals from frozen meat and vegetables then consider buying the bottom mount. You can find  Hitachi refrigerator 390 ltr and Hitachi refrigerator 565 ltr in our online store at the best prices.


Your needs and requirements form the refrigerator tell you which type of refrigerator you want. Choose the type according to your food type, habits, and the appearance you want. Following mentioned are the popular refrigerator types. The top mount is the type of freezer, which has a freezer on top of it and the refrigerator section below it. These are the most commonly used type of refrigerator. Bottom mount is the type of refrigerator, which has a freezer compartment at the bottom, and the refrigerator is above it. It is the opposite twin of top mount. Side-by-side runs freezer and refrigerator from top to bottom alongside each other. They take less space and are narrower. Choose wisely and shop the best Hitachi refrigerator from plug n point.


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