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HITACHI Rice Cooker Fully Automatic 2 Pin Round Cord RWTN127IGRRE

HITACHI Rice Cooker Fully Automatic 2 Pin Round Cord RWTN127IGRRE

HITACHI Rice Cooker Fully Automatic 2 Pin Round Cord RWTN127IGRRE

HITACHI Rice Cooker Fully Automatic 2 Pin Round Cord RWTN127IGRRE

Hitachi Rice Cooker 4-3 Liter Capacity Manual Display Knob Control Metal Material 1600 Watts RWTA43Y

Hitachi top rice Cookers | Hitachi best stainless steel rice cooker in Emirates

Hitachi top rice cookers available at Plug n point is offering you to choose from its colossal collection of the best Hitachi rice cookers. If you are a rice lover or even eat rice more often than having rice cooker is a must thing. If you do not have a rice cooker, it is a sure thing that it takes you long enough time to cook rice. Plug n point is the perfect place for online shopping because we offer all the latest and greatest products at economical prices. You can now shop online and visit our stores personally. We are offering home delivery services so that you can shop with ease and without any care in the world. Delivering your items to your home safely is our responsibility.


Hitachi has been in the home appliance manufacturing business form a lot of time. With more time spent in the business, they have now reached the point where it is known as one of the top companies in this business. So what is better than having the best home appliance for yourself. Where else to get the best kitchen appliance, which is Hitachi, rather than plug n point. Rice is one of the most easily cooked dishes if you are doing it right. To make your life easier and faster in the kitchen there is an appliance called rice cooker. If you ever had, the chance to cook rice on a stove you would know some problems occur. Sometimes water overflow happens, and sometimes you burn the bottom layer, but these Hitachi best stainless steel rice cookers provide you foolproof cooking. Following are some of the advantages, and key features of having a rice cooker.

·         Cook perfect rice every time

·         Separate grains

·         No under and overcooked rice

·         Measuring cup

·         Easy to use

·         Settings control

·         Cooks all sorts of rice

·         Steaming vegetable option

·         Easy cleaning

·         Two pin cord

·         Power Indicator Light

·         Automatic rice cooking

·         Knob control

·         Metal built body


There are some problems with automatic rice cooking too. Cabinet space is one of the main issues. If you are buying a largely sized cooker then make, sure you have a cabinet large enough to store it (if you would like to have). The steam vent that throws steam out of the cooker spills over the counter, for some models. The entire cooker is not washable, so you have to wash the inner container. If the outer body is dirty then you can clean it with a cloth. You can buy top rice Hitachi cookers from our online stores anytime.