Hitachi Split Air Conditioners Latest Collection 2019 in UAE

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Hitachi Split Air Conditioners RASS18CPA

  • AED 857

Hitachi Split AC RASS24CPA

  • AED 1084

Hitachi Split Air Conditioner 2 Ton Cooling Control Technology RAS323AWDEU

  • AED 1084

Hitachi Split AC Outdoor RACS18CPA

  • AED 1137

Hitachi Split AC RACS24CPA

  • AED 1435

Hitachi Split Air Conditioner 4 Ton Auto Power Save Mode RAC323AWDEU

  • AED 1435

Hitachi Split Air Conditioner 2.5 Tone LED Self Diagnosis RASS30CPZ

  • AED 1554

Hitachi Split Air Conditioner 2.5 Tone Washable Panel RACS30CPZ

  • AED 2330

Hitachi split air conditioners single split air conditioner 2019

Hitachi latest split air conditioners are one of the best air conditioners in the world. Hitachi has been in the market of home appliance manufacturing for a long time. The company has earned enough of the people's trust. With many manufacturing plants worldwide, it is one of the top names for the home appliance manufacturer. Hitachi is listed as 149th company in the Forbes Global 2000. Leaving aside everything else, only this achievement is big enough to convince many people that they are worth it. Not only this, the company has been listed on number 5 on the list of top 10 brands for consumer electronics.


Today plug n point is presenting you with the topmost single split latest Hitachi air conditioners. This split A/C is available at plug n point at low rates and economical prices. in this boiling heat, it has become very difficult to live without an air conditioner. That is why we are presenting you with an opportunity to avail some awesome discounts and deals all across plug n point. Now when you buy something at plug n point you are offered the fast home delivery service. We are delivering the products you bought to your home anywhere in the UAE. Hitachi Split air conditioner brings lots of benefits and useful features with them. Following are the main features and functions of Hitachi split air conditioners.


·         Operational cooling even at 55O temperature

·         Sleep timer mode

·         Remote access and settings

·         Auto restart

·         Timer function up to 12 hours

·         Green fin condenser

·         Rapid cooling

·         Cleanable panel

·         Wide and consistent air throw

·         Auto directional flow

·         LCD remote control

·         Digital display on the A/C

·         Multi directional swing

·         Power mode

·         Power saver mode


Hitachi energy efficient split air conditioners produce less noise as compared to other mini split air conditioners. The basic reason behind is the design and the way it is placed. As we, all know that it has two functional units one is the outdoor unit and the other one is an indoor unit. Outdoor and indoor units are placed outside and inside respectively. The outdoor unit produces noise and is responsible for exchanging the hot air inside with a cool one. You can install or just place both the units if you want.


One of the main benefits of the split air conditioner Hitachi is that it saves electricity bills. Split sir conditioners consume less energy than windows, which makes them naturally energy efficient. Another thing to notice, if you are a beauty lover, split air conditioner by Hitachi have a lot of styles and designs to choose from. One downside is that these have to be installed by a professional.