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Hitachi Gas Tables Top Plate Stainless Steel Pan Support Enamel (4 legs) Burner Head Brass mph21

Hitachi Gas Burner MPH210RI

  • AED 160

Hitachi Gas Burner MPH210RI

  • AED 160

Hitachi 3 Burners Gas Stove MPH310RI

  • AED 210

Hitachi gas stove with oven online in Dubai UAE

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Whether you have a large family or a small one, you either live in a big house or live in a small one. Either way, you are going to eat so for eating you have to cook. If you were thinking about eating out then you cannot do it for long so you come down to buying a stove. It is better to have a stove that will last longer and has the features that you require. Along with all you want you to have to look for the savings unless you like burning money. The Hitachi stainless stain cooking stoves not only provide you with the features you want in a stove but also saves your money. The two main categories in this condition are electric and gas stoves.


Hitachi gas stainless stain stoves heat quickly because fire is directly heating the utensil. Flame on gas stoves Hitachi light up quickly. As the name suggests gas, stoves run on natural gas so it is cheaper than electricity.

Hitachi Electric stoves also have various benefits. If you do not have, a gas line installed then by electric stove because having a gas line installed will cost more. These electric stoves by Hitachi are easier to clean and have a smooth surface. Turning the burner on is very simple. You just have to turn the knob and the element start to heat up.


Heat in an electric oven is distributed evenly. No igniter or matchstick is needed for heating in electric ovens. But, on the other hand, if there is a power surge then you can't cook. The smooth and easy to clean top will break if you drop something heavy on it. The smooth top is more prone to have scratches and will lose its smooth look. While gas ranges are hard to clean but they will last longer. The choice is yours to make. If you think that you could take well care of the electric oven then it is the best. Whichever you decide to go for be sure to buy it from plug n point. We are offering the best Hitachi gas Stove prices in Dubai.

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