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Hitachi Washer Dryer Top Load Fully Automatic Washer Delay Timer Corded Auto Restart 510 Watts SF120XA3CGXCOG

  • AED 1510

Hitachi washer dryers Hitachi clothes washer dryer set in Emirates

Hitachi washer dryers online in UAE at Plug n Point. Give your laundry a perfect wash with extremely efficient machines from world’s leading brand. Give your clothes a gentle wash which you had never before. Hitachi combo washer dryers are one of the best washer dryers on the planet. They are extremely energy efficient, highly productivity and durable. They are based on the state of the art technology to give maximum output. Upgrade your life by buying your ideal washer dryer by Hitachi. These compact appliances save the space by allowing dual function in a single pack. Powered by advanced technology, eco-friendly functions and consumer preferred design, these reliable washer dryers are the choice of every kitchen.

The brand offers vibrant hues in its laundry appliances to add chic to your artistic kitchen. You can choose between white, silver and champagne tints according to your nest aesthetic. 

 Best price Hitachi clothes washer dryer bring extra comfort to life. They wash and dry clothes without snatching their finish. With Hitachi Hot Air Wash the detergent mixed water is poured through multiple showers with powerful hot air blow. It results into the powerful reaction which removes stubborn dirt specks from clothes. Even a tiny dirt atom leaves the clothes in this way.  After the powerful wash, spin dryer gets activated to spin your clothes, giving warm soft clothes. Though clothes remain a bit damp due to spin function, but they dry in a shorter time. 

Hitachi cheap combo washer dryers also include refresh function to eliminate odour from clothes by exposing them to hot air, without water. This not only saves the water reservoir but also increases the life of the fabric. So, no need to wash your suit and delicate clothes after each wear up, just give them deodorant function and enjoy their freshness. 

They also contain strong filters to give you bacteria free clothes after each wash. The other remarkable functions include delay timer, level indicator, variable spin and wash control.

Explore the vast range of Hitachi washer dryers at the best price in UAE. The brand guarantees optimum convenience and optimum durability.


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