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Ideal Home Appliances online in UAE 2021

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Bosch Microwave and Oven CMG656BS1M

  • AED 7147

Bosch Microwave and Oven CMG633BS1M

  • AED 6354

Terim Beverage Cooler 600 Liter Stainless Steel 15 Non Ball Bearing Shelves With Lock TERBC220DZ

  • AED 6311

LG Air Purifier Ultra Violet Light Smart Drying Watering System AM50GYWN2

  • AED 5902

Bosch Free Standing Automatic Dish Washer 3D Air Flow Zeolith Drying SMS88TI30M

  • AED 5706

Bosch Built In Dish Washer 5 Cleaning Hygiene Plus Dishwasher Integrated Stainless Steel SMI68MS10M

  • AED 5313

Panasonic Air Purifier With Humidifier Remote Control FV-XL95M

  • AED 5313

Bosch Built-in Microwave and Oven Automatic Programming Perfect Grilling Results illuminated Rotary Ring BEL634GS1M

  • AED 4526

Terim Beverage Cooler 325 Liter 11 Non-Ball Bearing Shelves With Lock Dual Temperature Zone TERBC128DZ

  • AED 4439

Panasonic Air Purifier With Humidifier Nanoe Technology FV-K655M/N

  • AED 4395

Panasonic Double Door Refrigerator NR-BS702GKAE

  • AED 3599

Teka Built In Refrigerator CI3330NF (40634574)

  • AED 3429

Elekta Vitro Ceramic Electric Oven With Digital Timer EEO-964VC

  • AED 3349

Bosch Refrigerator Mechanical Control Variable Plinth Adaption Egg Rack KUL15A60M

  • AED 3347

Beko Refrigerator Combi In-Door Ice Dispenser Panel Led On Side Walls Pro Smart Inverter Compressor CN163223DE

  • AED 3262

Terim Beverage Cooler Single Door 25 Bottles Dual Zone TERBC30DZ

  • AED 3191

Hitachi French Door Refrigerator RW760PUK7GRD

  • AED 3149

Gorenje Built In Refrigerator NRKI4181EI

  • AED 3100

Panasonic Air Purifier With Humidifier Nano Technology FV-XK70M

  • AED 3085

Panasonic Microwave Oven 42 Liter 1 Touch Sensor NN-CD997S

  • AED 2823

Ideal Home Appliances online in UAE 2021

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What do you need? We have it all from the large home appliances like washing machines and dryers to the small ones like juicers and blenders. You can browse here and buy the desired item or you can come to the store and shop there. Plug n point stores are located all across the UAE in different locations. The items that we offer are all genuine and verified by our team. So, there is nothing to worry about, just choose and get the home appliances that you like at your home. Plug n point is the place to buy the latest and best electronics and other home appliances.

Here is a little description of the different home appliances that we are offering. Hobs and cookers are best and do not need professional installation. The gas and electric ovens are easy to install but let the professional do it. Here you will find the best ovens and cookers at cheap prices. Check for the deals and discounts as we often have deals and sales on different products. The different types and models of LED TVs are also present here. See which one you like and just go for it.


Home appliances for your ideal home

Best home appliances in UAE available at Plugnpoint. It is said that home without family ain’t a home. But, in the modern era, no one would refute that he can’t imagine a home without appliances. All of the appliances have become an integral part of our lives, some of them are the basic necessities while others’ significance couldn’t be denied too. Nothing is more amazing than having a piece of adorable machinery in your home. The one which can’t only fulfill your needs but also fits perfectly with the decor of each room. No need to worry, when PlugnPoint is here to help you.  We came up with a colossal assortment of branded home appliances in UAE. You can find inexpensive, superefficient machinery in our online shop. 

This machinery will add functionality, style, and luxury to your living style, without spending lots of Dirhams. Plugnpoint is the best store to buy home appliances at cheapest ever rates. Looking for large home appliances, i.e., refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers? We offer all at the lowest possible rates with the quickest doorstep delivery. Not only this, but we also provide all kinds of microwaves, ovens, cookers, cooking ranges and hobs. You can also browse through different categories to get your favorite fan, air cooler, dispenser, fryer, food processor and all other home appliances. All these products are from well-known local and international electronics and home appliances manufacturers. They also enclose brand warranty to relax you from the fear of wear and tear, maintenance and replacement of your machine or its components. We have the best online shopping store to buy consumer electronics.

We don’t offer a machine from a single brand or in one style but provide diversity in term of style, color, design, and brand for each machine. Look into different shelves and get amazed by watching stylish appliances, equipped with the latest features.  Visit us if you want home appliances for a new home. These features include, self-censors, led display, touch screen, and various other built-in functions. Add your favorite products in cart and enjoy lots of offers, discounts, and gift vouchers.

Making a good home in a country like Dubai or any other UAE country is very difficult. Home appliances help you in every chore that you need to be done. Almost every home in Dubai has one of these home appliances which will make their life better in many different ways. Here is the list of all popular necessary Dubai home appliances. 




Cooking range

Beverage cooler


Now there are many other popular home appliances in the market of Dubai that you guys can look upon to make your home more user-friendly. Technology is changing the means of using home appliances, each day these appliances are getting better and smarter. Most of these appliances are concerned with your kitchen work so having a fully equipped kitchen with kitchen appliances can help you a lot during your meal preparations. 

1. Fridge

The fridge is a must buy a kitchen appliance in Dubai. This will help your beverages and other food to stay fresh in the hot atmosphere of Dubai. Almost 99 percent of houses have this home appliance in Dubai. You can buy it online or any other store in the UAE. A fridge can help you make your vegetables fresh for a longer time and you can get chilled water whenever you want. If you search thoroughly you can get it online at very good rates in Dubai

2. Oven

Each woman who makes a meal for their family daily knows the importance of an oven in the kitchen. You cannot simply make a meal every time a family member wants to eat something. The oven is a perfect partner as a good kitchen appliance which will help you to warm up your meal whenever you want in minutes. 

3. Iron

UAE is known for its fast cooperate world and you guys will know that putting on a nice looking ironed shirts matters a lot. Iron is a very cheap home appliance that helps you press your clothes. You can get this home appliance at very cheap rates in Dubai online stores like Plugnpoint.

4. Dishwasher

It is another good kitchen appliances which will help you a lot in the kitchen. Cleaning dishes after every meal can be very hectic. In this situation having a dishwasher in the kitchen is like a blessing. The dishwasher in Dubai is very cheap to find on many different online stores all you need to do is some research. 

5. Cooking range

Now, this is one of the most important kitchen appliances that you have to buy for your house. Without a cooking range, there is no place to cook your food. You can find the cooking range at cheap rates at plugnpoint. This online store gives your fair prices on each home appliance

6. Beverage Cooler

Beverage cooler can work like a miracle in your house of Dubai. As we know that the normal temperature of Dubai is over 40 degrees and you need a cool beverage when you get home. A Beverage cooler will provide you cool beverages 24/7. It is one of the most underrated Dubai home appliances, but it can change your kitchen routine. 

Now here is the list of Dubai's most popular home and kitchen appliances that you use daily. Each one of you wants to get a good deal on each of these appliances and what is a better place to start your search then Plugnpoint. This online store will provide your home appliances with the best prices in Dubai. What you need to do is go online and look for the home appliance you are looking to buy. 

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