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Zanussi Cooker ZCG91226XA

  • AED 1626

Wolf Power Top Mount 600 Liters Double Door Refrigerator WR600W

  • AED 1364

Wolf Power Single Door Refrigerator 140 Liters WR140S

  • AED 419

Wolf Power 230 Liters Single Door Refrigerator WR230S

  • AED 576

Whirlpool Microwave & Oven MWO6381IX

  • AED 550

Whirlpool Microwave & Oven MWO611SL

  • AED 450

Westpoint Steam Iron WGSC-1717DR

  • AED 183

Westpoint Gas Cooker WCLM6640G6IG

  • AED 787

Weighing Scale Water Resistant Water Proof Design Stainless Steel S29-BR

  • AED 925

Touchmate Toaster TMTS200

  • AED 68

Toshiba Refrigerator GRT565 (DS)

  • AED 1700

Thomson Gas Cooker TGC-96SDELUXE

  • AED 1758

Terim Stainless Steel Beverage Cooler TERBC166DZ

  • AED 3464

Terim Stainless Steel Beverage Cooler 600 Liter TERBC220DZ

  • AED 4199

Terim Beverage Cooler 25 Bottles TERBC30DZ

  • AED 2099

Terim 325 Liter Beverage Cooler TERBC128DZ

  • AED 3149

Terim 225 Liter Beverage Cooler TERBC76DZ

  • AED 2099

Tefal Ultragliss Steam Iron FV4912

  • AED 225

Tefal Steam Iron FV4944

  • AED 208

Tefal 2300 Watts Easygliss Steam Iron FV3925 MO

  • AED 155

Best price home appliances list of products 2019 in Dubai UAE

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Here is a little description of different home appliances that we are offering. Hobs and cookers are best and do not need professional installation. The gas and electric ovens are easy to install but let the professional do it. Here you will find the best ovens and cookers at cheap prices. Check for the deals and discounts as we often have deals and sales on different products. The different types and models of LED TVs are also present here. See which one you like and just go for it.

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