Home theater for sale in dubai

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AED 188
AED 2520



Samsung Bluetooth Home Theater HTF6550W

  • AED 2520

Samsung 3D Blu Ray Home Theater J5550K

  • AED 1365

Panasonic Home Theatre Dolby Digital USB Standard SC-BTT785S-K

  • AED 1573

Panasonic Home Theater SC-HX105GS-K

  • AED 523

Panasonic Home Theater Remote Control Built In Bluetooth SC-HTB570GS-K

  • AED 1048

Panasonic Home Theater Dolby Digital Plus Surround SC-BTT405GSK

  • AED 891

Panasonic Home Theater Channel NFC Wireless Connection SC-HX333GS-K

  • AED 943

Panasonic Home Theater 5-1 Channel DVD Player High Sound SC-XH100

  • AED 628

Nikai Portable Speaker System Black NBTS50

  • AED 188

Nikai 5-1 Channel Home Theatre NHT6600BT

  • AED 419

LG Home Theater System HT926TA

  • AED 894

LG DVD Home Theater DH 3140

  • AED 395

Find best home theater for sale in Dubai - Home theater best prices

The best home theaters are waiting for you to get them home. Every one of us watches TV in our spare time. Or, if you are not watching a TV then you must be surfing the web. Oh, by the way, these smart LED TVs are the best for surfing the internet and watching the TV. We are doing something’s in our free time and many times the sound is not much pleasing. So to make your time worthwhile you should buy these home theaters. If you have any habits or like to play games, watch TV, surf the web or even if you are a lover of good sound then these home theater systems are the things that will give you that experience and feel that you have always wanted.Some types of theaters are wirless home theaters,3d home theaters,wifi home theaters,blutooth home theaters,and stereo home theaters.You just away at singal click and buy the theater of your choice.

These LED are also worth if you are into the good TV time. You can invite some over or just enjoy by yourself. Set the system up with a PlayStation or X-box, or you can even connect with devices that you want and just have a ball. Home theaters systems are best source of entertainment if you are having guests over. These can easily bet set up in your home. Watching the season game with one of these theaters is a great time right there for you. Not into home theaters? Check out these sound bars are not at the level of home theaters but they will boost up your environment. Because sound matters a lot you can have the best experience with these.