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Kodama Ice Maker KIM 2600

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Kodama Ice Maker KIM 1500

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Ice Makers Machine Cheap Ice Maker UAE

Ice maker machine is a compulsory item in summer as well as in winter for storage. Your refrigerator may have an ice maker, which might be enough for winters, but it runs short to meet your need of ice in summer. The ice maker machine is a stand-alone unit which can satisfy your needs in hot weather. We at Plug n Point offers you a wide range of cheap ice makers that are available in various capacities. They are easily portable and stylish enough to place anywhere. They are a perfect blend of efficiency, chic and technology. They are energy efficient and also use water carefully, avoiding the wastage of the reservoir. Our ice maker machines give crystal clear cubes not only to chill your cocktails but also to give them a beautiful crystal look. Buy ice maker online is now simple and easy at PlugnPoint.

Ice maker online ready the ice in a very little time, just a matter of 12 minutes, to meet emergency needs for ice. They require no technical installation and work on plug in and use principle. Most of the latest ice makers/dispensers gives options to produce ice in different style of cubes to add glamour to drinks. Small automatic ice maker is one of best ice makers we can use.

Cleaning the small ice maker is not a difficult task, anyone can clean it very easily by pouring ice machine cleaning solution into them. Wait until all the solution comes out in forms of cubes. Then run the water into it and waste all the cubes. The machine is cleared for reuse.

Plug n Point offers a variety of products from top brands to add functionality to your life. Buy our ice maker based on your storage and production requirement and enjoy chilled beverages in scorching summer.