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Juicers | Juicer Machine Prices List in UAE 2021

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AED 629


Panasonic 1-5 Liters Juicer Plastic Material Knob Control 800 Watts MJ DJ31

  • AED 629

Panasonic Juicer Blender MJ-DJ31

  • AED 599

Bosch Juice Extractor MES3500GB

  • AED 532

Kenwood Juice Extractor 1.3 Liter Pulp Container 150 Watts JMP601WH

  • AED 515

Bosch Juicer Extractor MES25A0GB

  • AED 492

Panasonic 2 Speed Stainless Steel Body Juicer MJDJ01S

  • AED 471

Panasonic 1 Speed Juicer MJSJ01W

  • AED 366

Kenwood Juicer Extractor Centrifugal 1.5 Liter XL 700 Watts JE680

  • AED 353

Panasonic Juicer 3 in 1 Cleaning Brush Blender Safety Lock Cutting Edge Components 230 Watts MJM176P

  • AED 349

Panasonic Juicer Safety-Switch-Lock Clamps Plastic Juicer 600 Watts MJH100W

  • AED 296

Geepas 4 In 1 Blender And Juice Extractor GSB44016

  • AED 259

Kenwood Juice Extractor JEM02.A0BK

  • AED 249

Kenwood Juice Extractor 2 Speed Stainless Steel 700 Watts JEM500SS

  • AED 240

Frigidaire Juicer 550 ml Cup 1.5 Liter Pulp Container 400 Watts FD5181

  • AED 179

Aardee Juice Extractor ARAJ800

  • AED 175

Nikai Juicer NJ9600

  • AED 169

Bosch Hand Press MCP3000GB

  • AED 165

Kenwood Juicer Stainless Steel Brushed JE297

  • AED 149

Nikai Juicer NJ3900T

  • AED 149

Sharp Citrus Juicer EJ-J11-W3

  • AED 125

Juicers | Juicer Machine Prices List in UAE 2021

Juicer machines and Orange Juice Machine of all sorts are available at plug n point. Buy the best juicers of all the top brands at low prices. Plug n point offers you home delivery service of your items. If you are out in the market looking for a juicer then plug n point is the best place for you. Online shopping has never been this easy. All you have to do is get the items you like online and we will deliver it to you. Also, plug n point’s customer support is always available for you. The type and kind of Juicer Machines that you will probably go for depending on many factors. The first question is, how often you use the juicer. These days a lot of food processors are available in the market.

If you are new to juicing then the one that is not very expensive and is easy to use and clean is the perfect choice for the time being. Juicing is the easy and quick way to get all the nutrients and healthy facts into your system and keep your metabolism good. The basic types of juicers and juicing are centrifugal and masticating. The other options and way of juicing used is blending. Following we are going to describe the way these two methods work.

Centrifugal juicers crush the material you put in besides blades and there is a fast spinning metal at the bottom that strains juice. The basic working principle of Centrifugal Juicers is centrifugal. With the help of centrifugal force, the juice is separated from the pulp. These type of juicers have specific speeds for the type of fruit or vegetables, like lighter speed for soft fruits and so long. The centrifugal juicers come with initial entry level models that are not so high priced. Another feature of this type of juicer is that they are light weight.

Masticating juicers or better known as slow juicers works by chopping all the fruits and vegetable into small pieces. This process is said to retain more nutrients and enzymes. As the fruits are crushed slowly it is passed through a filtering screen and finally into the jug. However, you get more amount of juice with this method and can even store it in the freezer without anything to worry about. If you are one of the persons that like to make the juice of vegetable to intake more amount in less time than this is a method for you.

The choice of choosing is in your hands. You can either save money by buying the centrifugal or have value for money over the longer period of time. Whatever your choice may be plug n point has all types and kinds, sizes, colors of juicers available at finest rates and we will deliver it your home anywhere in UAE.

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