Best Kenwood Hand Blender in UAE

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Kenwood Hand Blender HB680

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Kenwood Hand Blender 0.5 Liter Stainless Steel 450 Watts HB683

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Kenwood Hand Blender 6 Speed With Stand Compact Mixer For Extra Burst of Pure Power UA32ES5600

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Kenwood Blender With Mill Grinder Mill Attachment Stainless Steel Blades Durable 350 Watts BL335

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Kenwood Blender Smoothie Maker Ice Crush Two Speeds Plus Pulse Cord Storage 300 Watts SBO56

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Kenwood Smoothie Maker and Blender Dishwasher Safe Parts Ice Crushing Function 500 Watts Silver SB266

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Kenwood Blender 1 Liter Stainless Steel Blades Dishwasher Safe Parts 2 Variable Speed Settings BL237

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Kenwood Hand Mixer 6 Speeds Convenient Thumb 250 Watts HM330

  • AED 120

Kenwood Hand Blender 0.5 Liter 14 Functions 450 Watts Motor HB684

  • AED 212

Kenwood Blender High Performance Motor Delightful Design Fantastic Capabilities 800 Watts HDP406WH

  • AED 317

Best quality Kenwood hand blender at lows in Dubai

Lightweight Kenwood hand blender is also called immersion blenders. According to professionals, people do not know the complete use of hand held blenders. You can do much more than just scrambling the egg and mixing things. They can be professionally used as well. The upside of these along with the fact that these are lightweight they can be carried with is that they blend and mince things pretty well. Today plug n point presents you with its colossal collection of amazing Kenwood hand held or immersion blenders. These are here for you to buy at low prices only at plug n point.


The portability Kenwood battery powered hand blender is providing you within the form of hand blenders is the thing we all are looking for while we are cooking. The level of easiness and an open hand is not provided by any other brand. Oh, and the way you can store it is all you can think of. Meaning, you can hand it on the wall, place it on the shelf or place it in the drawer. It can easily fit in your bag while going on for traveling. It is the tool, which you can take out with you and use in the kitchen. Lightweight hand blender is the tool for all the mixing and mincing work. The name tells us a lot about the blender itself. As it is called hand blender and immersion blender too. So it can be immersed in water or any liquid to mix and blend it. And, you hold it in your hand while mixing and blending so is the name.


These, hand blenders are easy to clean when compared to other blender types. Here you just the neck and the mouth with exposed blades. While on the other hand when you have a traditional blender you have the lid and jug in which you place the ingredients. And sometimes you accidentally overload the container then you have to clean the machine too. Hand blenders do not cause splattering because the blender is totally immersed in the liquid. The hand blender is one unit consisting of three parts that make it a complete blender the wand, blades and the handle. All of these are waterproof, obviously, because you have to put it in water. We do not recommend putting it in the dishwasher instead there is a simpler way. Just put some water in a container with a little bit of dishwasher and put the blender in, and then mix them. Woah, what did you get? A cleaned up hand blender. Buy battery powered Kenwood from plug n point and enjoy.