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AED 335

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Bosch Comfort Line Kettle Cordless Stainless Steel Black TWK6A833GB

  • AED 335

Bosch 1-7 Liter Electric Kettle Limescale Filter in Spout TWK7804GB

  • AED 270

Saachi Electric Water Boiler 40 Litres NL-WB-7340

  • AED 239

Bosch 1-7 Liter Kettle 2600 W Over Heat Protection TWK6A031GB

  • AED 230

Sencor Electric Kettles SWK1571BL

  • AED 227

Midea Kettle 1-7 Liters Double Wall Cool Touch SSMKH317E2B

  • AED 222

Media Electric Kettle 360 Degree Cordless Concealed Heating Elements 2200 Watts MKH317E2C

  • AED 222

Saachi Water Boiler 30 Litres NL-WB-7330

  • AED 219

Media Electric Kettle Concealed Heating Elements LED Indicator MKM317C2A

  • AED 199

Kenwood Traditional Kettle SKM100

  • AED 199

Saachi Water Boiler With Variable Temperature Control NL-WB-7315

  • AED 185

Sencor Electric Kettles SWK1791WH

  • AED 174

Kenwood Electric Kettle 1.7 Liters Stainless Steel Blades SJM280

  • AED 169

Panasonic Kettle Stainless Steel Removeable Lime Scale Filter Water Level Indicator 2200 Watts NCSK1B

  • AED 167

Media Electric Kettle Removable Limescale Filter 1850 Watts MK17S18M

  • AED 163

Kenwood Electric Glass Kettle ZJG08.000CL

  • AED 159

Geepas Kettle 1-7 Liter Double Wall Kettle Blue Illumination Inside ON/OFF Switch 2200 Watts GK6141

  • AED 150

Kenwood Stainless Steel Cordless Kettle SJM480

  • AED 149

Philips Kettle Black Cord Winder Flat Heating Element Multi Safety System Durable HD9300

  • AED 146

Hitachi Kettle 1-7 Liters External Water Level Indicator Stainless Steel Material Tap Control Durable HEKE60

  • AED 146

Electric Kettles Tea Kettles and Water Kettles in Dubai 2021

Electric kettles are commonly used for traveling and offices. A tea kettle is a handy solution to your many problems. Craving for tea or coffee, but don’t want to go out of the bed? No one is going make to tea for you? I am sorry for you as you do not keep cattle to cope up with such a disastrous situation. A cattle could help you to make a mouthwatering cup of tea even in your bed, sofa, or office chair. For this, you don’t need to have a stove, just pour water in your electric cattle and turn it on. As the water boils, take it out in a cup, dissolve coffee in it and enjoy. Are you looking for more Home Appliance? Then why not check the best home appliances at plug n point because we offer you quality appliances at the suitable prices.

Water kettles is a must-have kitchen appliance, Plug n point offers you a big selection of Tea Kettles. You can purchase the high-quality products of Kenwood, Bosch, Russel Hobbs, Philips, Siemens, Morphy Richards, and Bajaj. They are available in various colors, capacity, and price. They are economical, reliable and practical for routine use. They are much more than appear to be. Search your desired kettle at our online shop, place an order and we will deliver your desired product at your doorstep. Plug n Point keeps you away from the hassle of traditional shopping, by providing outstanding products at your home. If you are not a coffee or tea person then you should definitely buy these Juicers.

Benefits of Kettles

Our appliances are energy efficient, simple to use and easy to clean. These electric kettles are easier to fill the water in. not just it is easier to pour the water but the spill-free pouring is a very good feature of these. Electric kettles can boil water quickly and efficiently. The electric kettles we offer you also have dry boil prevention. If you are away for some reason after putting the water to boil then there is nothing to worry about because it will turn off itself. The auto shut off is another useful feature. Use these kettles anywhere you like but you need to have an electric power supply. Did you see our Coffee Machine collection? If you did not then check it out right now. 

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